Tuesday, January 28, 2014


 7 weeks into training.
I said in the last post all was well, and told you the plan....for how it would go if the body held up.
I lost my right achilles coming down Dusty this morning. 4.5 miles into the run, running downhill, I started feeling pretty bad pain, tried altering my stride, and then a pop where the achilles meets the calf muscle. I could no longer run/walk/push off from my right foot at all. 
I managed to limp/hop for a mile, took 31 minutes. Some mountain bikers stopped to help me get both compression sleeves onto my right leg, and said they'd send a ranger out. Since I was on Diablo/state park property, a state park ranger showed up after about an hour of limping out. I only had about .7 to go to make it to the car, but was happy to see him. He said he would have been quicker but he was taking a mt. lion sighting report.
The bad part about limping off a mountain for an hour...too much time to think.  Training is all about choices...what if I hadn't run today? What if I hadnt' added on a mile by turning up Dusty? Would it have held out? What if I had worn different shoes?
And of course...what does this mean for the next month? Is Way Too Cool even an option now??

 It popped back on that corner. This was the moment I realized it was really, really not good , and I had 3 miles to cover to get back to the car.

 There is now a permanent record of me getting hauled off the mountain.
Not much else to say, really. I'll be off it completely for at least 2 weeks. Time to shift focus to nutrition and core work and let it heal up. Nothing else to do.


  1. Beth, I am so sorry. Wish there was something I could do to help. Mom

  2. Oh man - that's awful. Hopefully you are a fast healer (and more importantly, are able to let it heal and don't push it too quickly). And congrats on getting your name permanently and officially associated with that mountain!