Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This Weekend- Athlete Tracking Info

(No new achilles news. It is achy, sore, and hurts if I try to push off from my toes. Hurts, as in I can't do it.  I'm resting and icing, trigger pointing and elevating. That is all.)

As mentioned before, we are heading down to Southern CA this weekend for the Surf City Marathon.  We love this run, it's got such a cool, beachy/surfer/beach boys vibe!  This is the race that starts with you running through a street lined with half dressed surfers holding their surfboards.  It's mostly run along the beach on the Pacific Coast Highway and a beach path. The course is lined with lots of surfer bands playing music.  Plus, the medal is a different surf board design each year!

 I'm super excited to be cheering Brian on as he attacks this one.  He has his pre race dinner planned out, race breakfast, and post race dinner, all at places that are fun for the rest of the family, too! While the weather has finally decided to be winter just in time for this weekend, I'm sure it won't keep us off the beach, rain or shine. We need rain, but are hoping for shine Sunday morning!  Emma borrowed her auntie's wet suit and is ready to hit the waves.

While we know most normal people will be watching the Superbowl and the hype leading up to it, should anyone be interested in keeping an eye on Brian and tracking him, you can do so here. 
While I can't speak for him, I know he's after a PR, and would love to keep it close to 4:30, so if you keep one eye on the computer, you can cheer him on! I believe he starts at 6:30, so should be done around 11, depending on actual start time/ which wave he's in, etc. It is a sold out race, so start could take a while.

Have a great weekend and enjoy watching the game! I won't post again till we get back next week. And, if you are thinking of robbing us because you know we aren't home, don't. First, we don't have anything that you would want, and second, we will be having a big, bad, mean house sitter who's taking care of Kona for us. Kona's our big, bad, mean attack dog. Grrr.


  1. Yay Brian!!! Im so excited for you . Have a great time!!

  2. Football is still going on? Sheesh. It will be fun tracking Brian as he flies past the surfers! Enjoy your trip (and what is passing for winter)!