Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Few Photos

I have not given up all hope on getting my computer back...but I have given in to uploading pictures from my phone to my Picasa account on Brian's computer.  Unfortunately for you all, I don't take pictures with my phone while on the mountain. I have a great trail camera that is dust, water, and impact proof that I use....my phone is none of those things, so it stays tucked away safe and sound.  So I have pictures.....just not from the trail. The trails, by the way, are becoming littered with trees. So sad. They are just so thirsty they start to droop, and then crack and fall.  There's been no wind...its purely lack of water. I took a bunch of pictures out the bottom of Mitchel Canyon yesterday on my camera. There's  five trees that have come down in the past few weeks.  We lost 2 big branches at home, one from a pepper tree, and one from our Mulberry tree.  They just start drooping, we walked out there and the tip of a branch that's usually 10 feet up was touching the ground, on both trees. Anyhow...so I have pictures...but there just from life stuff.  I'm sure I'll give in and start adding actual files to his comp for my pictures....but I'm still holding out hope of getting mine back!

 So, something you may not know about me...I love old things. Especially old furniture. A friend said she had a hutch I may like.  Along with all her old glass wear, plates, platters, etc.  I said, "Yes, please!"  Above, that entire middle shelf was given to us. Below, that was her mother's cake stand.
 I don't know the story of this silver platter, but it's old, and it's beautiful.
 The hutch...we were puzzled as to where to put it for a day or two...
 More glass wear...
 The entire place setting of that white china....was included. Even the saucers and cups, creamer/sugar...
 Jumping around a bit, this was Emma at anniversary dinner Sunday night.

 Where our anniversary cards hung for a few weeks....
 We went to a gathering on Saturday, that's an actual life size Goliath drawing.
 This one decided she wants to wear makeup.....

 We baked 5 dozen of these for the gathering Saturday.
 These were from a day Myles decided he wanted to own a bakery when he's older. We said he could do that now....so we had him come up with a name, logo, packaging, bake the cupcakes, and then we delivered them - knock and run style. He had so much fun!

 This is from a Stella&Dot party my mom had. She lives in WA, but I was able to order online, and I really loved the packaging!

 So this is how/where the hutch ended up....

 This is just a shot of the other half of the room the hutch is in..
 Our girls made us very nice anniversary cards this year!
 Roses Brian got for me anniversary morning.
 Kona 10 minutes ago asking to go for a walk, he's staring at the front door.
Random post, I know.....hang in there with me, I'm doing the best I can, and I hate change!Think happy thoughts for my poor computer!!

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