Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hot Trails

Friday of last week I had to do the dreaded cutting a run short and finding a shortcut back to the car. It was so hot.
 On a different run, I saw one of my favorite things....upward shooting rays. I don't know why I love them so much, but I do.  Usually the sun's rays shine down on us....but occasionally, if you are higher than the sun....they shoot up.
 We went bowling twice last week. The summer "Kids Bowl Free" thing is still going on, so we just pay for shoes and get to bowl 2 free games.

 My kids are super stylish. Way cooler than I was in middle school.

 Lots of Lego action going on in our house these days.
 From this morning's run.  Beautiful, but crispy dry. Leaves are falling....but it's still in the 90's....torn between Summer and Fall. I'm ever on the lookout for Tarantulas right now as we are entering the season, but non so far.

 Not that you can tell, but I got new highlights in the time between the first picture in this post, and the last picture : )

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