Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I Saw Pavey!

Well, you guys know I'm weird about my mountain. I choose to run out there because...well....I like the quiet. I like being alone out there, and not seeing people.  I also like that the mountain is near and dear to many people, and that they love to get out and enjoy it. Contradiction, yes. I make no apologies : )

I knew today there would be people. It's another hot week, people get out early to gett'r done. No worries, I'm prepared to keep my head down and gett'r done myself. I would like to apologize to the couple who came around the corner and witnessed my clean up efforts from a snot rocket gone wrong. It happens. No worries. Keep my head down and gett'r done, now with snot smeared all over my face. Awesome.

A thing about keeping your head down...if you're at the top of a hill, and someones coming up the hill, even with your head down, you see them. And who did I see?? The one and only Pavement Runner!! On the mountain?? He did a post about summiting Diablo a week or so ago, and at the time I thought maybe our paths would cross at some point, though I'm not sure how much time he spends on trails since from what I gather he's mostly on roads.  Then again, Sharman used to tear up the mountain on a weekly basis and I never once spotted him....so who knows. Anyhow, Pavey has a great blog we've followed for a while. He's got his hand in about every local running pot there is, is known and loved by many.  From what I've seen on line he's usually sporting a super smile and awesome socks, and mostly runs road, with  some trails here and there, known for being  a super upbeat, happy, cool dude, hubby, and dad. Since he's local, like same town local, I was stoked to see his Diablo post. Because, like I said above, while I don't like people on my mountain....I like people on my mountain : )

So, running downhill, super out of shape and breath, with snot now dried to my face, I mustered up a "Are you Pavey? Love your blog!" He said yes and asked my name, which I couldn't remember for a second. It's Beth. Made me wish I had a Brazen bib on, I could have just looked down and read it off. Also made me wish I hadn't forgotten breakfast in the chaos of getting 3 kids out the door to school.

Anyhow, if you don't know of this dude, check out his blog. Buy some cool socks or a tank.

Hopefully I won't be such a gross nerd if our paths cross again...but most likely I will.

Working on a weekend post for later.

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  1. Ha ha ha - isn't that the way it always happens? I'm sure he completely understood and was impressed by your commitment to the run, no matter what nasal issue might come up!