Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Spoiled Suburban Problems

I Have beautiful pictures from yesterday's time on the mountain...but I'm holding off on starting a photo file on Brian's computer.....still holding out hope I'll get mine back.  So, instead, you get a peak into a so far, silent battle that happens every Wednesday.  Part of our rent includes a gardener for our very small front yard.  Meanwhile, we have a huge back yard that we take care of.  I can easily fill a yard waste bin every week with trimmings, clippings, and leaves from the back yard.....if I get to the yard waste bin first.

The gardener for the front yard has to have access to our bin for dumping yard waste from the front yard in, per our rental management company.  Somehow.....our tiny yard that has only dying grass that doesn't grow much.....fills the bin.  What's really happening?? Clippings from the yards he's done before our house get dumped into our bin.  Plants we don't even have end up in our bin.  That we pay for.  Unless I fill it up first.  If you have a Mulberry tree...then you know...this time of year is the pits. Leaves a foot deep are covering my back our garbage gets picked up Wednesday morning, and the gardener comes Wednesday around every Wednesday I'm busting my butt to get everything up and in that bin before he comes.  If not, I have to wait a whole week because he has filled the bin.  Silent battles...every Wednesday.  I wish I could set up a camera to see his face when he opens the lid and it's packed full. : )

With that insight into what I'm about to head out and do....Happy Wednesday!!

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