Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Long Weekend, Long Post

Not a great picture, but this is the blondest I've been in years. When it's pulled back, you can't tell though because it's dark underneath.
My feet's happy place.

Feels like I'm always going up. 

Trying to capture all the cobwebs in the foot prints on the trail. It was sparkling with webs.

This a supermodel trying to blend in at KMart. It just stood out so beautifully, even with all the other trees around.

Total overachiever. Almost too much beauty!

 Myles and Papa built a "Latham" tree house. I sacrificed the lights from the fireplace in my bedroom. He was stoked!

What it looks like from across the yard. Ignore my blower laying there, I use that thing daily. Our Mulberry tree dropping leaves like crazy.

 Lots of Farkle outside in the evenings. We have Screech Owls at night that swoop through and screech. Pretty cool.
 You may notice I'm a firm believer in lighting candles for yourself...not waiting for special occasions or having company over.....and they are citronella candles cuz the skeeters. : )

 This is a room full of old school fun at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, where we spent Monday.

 Above, he has on his game face, and below, behold his serious gamer stance.
 At the hottest point, we saw 105 degrees on the car thermo.  It was super hot, and super crowded.

 This is mini golf. I had to sit out because...wait for it....they only allow groups of 4 or less.  Personally I thought this a great opportunity to get rid of a kid....but the mom in me decided I'd go grab a coffee and people watch while the family golfed.  But before they golfed.....we all laser tagged! It was so stinkin fun!! Sophie got the highest score. I'd do that again in a heart beat. So fun.

All those black dots in the water are surfers.

We left Santa Cruz in search of a beach with a clear patch of sand...that's Capitola down there, it was jam packed, too.


We did find a beach. Not cheap to go to, and my State Park Pass didn't work....but we bit the bullet to be able to get the kids to some water.

Lot's of kelp and flies. It was kinda gross. But, we did see lots of dolphins, so that made it a little better.
Hope you all had a great 3 day weekend, too!

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