Thursday, September 17, 2015

Diablo Beauty

Many, many times on the mountain I see something and know that there's no way a picture will do it justice. So many times I see some stunning thing and the picture I take just does not capture how beautiful it was in person.....but I tried hard yesterday...and the mountain seemed extra generous with her beauty!


There are a few of these on the mountain, fed by natural springs. The birds were so talkative in this area.
He was so, so handsome. This is the guy in the video I posted yesterday, we had a good, long look at each other before he wandered off.

The Rattlesnake Gulch sign....maybe leftover from the stagecoach days on Stage Rd?? I don't know how old it is, but I love it.

CA dry dirt

First tarantula I've seen this year. I was so excited!

Ok, so the mountain did not give me my truck...but darn if it wasn't a beautiful site sitting there all pretty!

Back home these were not something considered beautiful....but in CA these are a wonderful surprise on the trail and tasted so good!

Ok, so editing does help : ) But it really is this gorgeous! We haven't seen many clouds in the sky this year and it was just so beautiful. We did actually get a few, very few, sprinkles yesterday which is always a treat!
If you are local, this beauty of a loop is on Diablo, starting from Burma, then Buckeye Trail to Stage, then back up Burma. Seems to be where all the animal life is, most likely due to the water in the spring/cistern.
                          Have a great weekend!

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