Monday, September 21, 2015


My computer black screened me on Friday.
It has power, and I can hear the hard drive working, but black screen and nothing loads, no flashing lights or beeps of any kind.....just silence and a black screen.
It's a 4 year old HP laptop that I treat like my baby. My kids are not allowed to use it. I've taken really good care of it's frustrating. Thank goodness for Dropshots and Picasa. If I loose everything on there, at least I know my pictures are saved other places....but there are a lot of videos, files, scans....other things I don't want to even think about loosing.
It's looking like pulling the hard drive is the best option...but until I'm set up on a new comp I'm borrowing Brian's.  I'm sure some of you know how frustrating it is to borrow someones computer.....its weird. 
Everything is set up different, looks different, his icons even look different...took me forever to figure out where/what the Outlook button was, and don't even get me started on trying to check my email on his takes forever. And then there's log in on sites that now don't recognize the computer and have to email me a security code to use.....but the email on this thing takes a few hours, it's not instant....grrrr.  Then there are race registration receipts in my old email that I have to print on race day and now don't have access to. (I only have access to emails from this month, nothing older, and none of my folders, like Draft, where i save all my important things to). 
So, don't expect much computer wise from me until further notice. 
And I may or may not get your emails.

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