Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hill Repeat Friday

A weekend post is still coming, but I'm backing up to Friday...cuz it's my blog....and I can. : )

Man, I hadn't done this hill in a long, long time. I've mentioned I'm in comeback mode after taking summer off. I did a week of 3's, a week of 4's, and this week is 5's. Next week will be two 5's and a longer run. Slow and steady climb...except for Friday. That was the day I decided for no real reason to get my 4 in by doing two 2 mile loops on "the hill".

It kicks my booty every time.  If you're local, it's at the lower Castle Rock parking lot. Not the paved trail end, but the single track that heads up out of the far end of the parking lot. Just go up, to the right on the fire road, then stay  left and keep going up. There are lots of options for ways back down, but I do a 2 mile loop. 3 times is my limit if I intend to walk the next day. Friday I did 2 loops to stick to my 4 miles. I think I had another lap in me, but I'm sticking to my slow, steady build back to where I like to be.

 Behold....ok, in real life it looks straight up because, well, it's nearly straight up.
 If you look just right of center in the below pic, that is Castle Rock Park, where the potties, pool, and ranger station are.
 "Yo, mama, what are you doing to us?", said the legs.
 If you turn around at the top, this is what the trail looks like, it just drops straight down.
 But, after the climb, I indulge in some beautiful single track.
 Convincing myself the first lap is always the hardest!

You can see the Strava elevation profile here. It's not a long hill by any means, but I do like that Strava's profile does capture the grade. It's fun to look at after the fact.  

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