Saturday, June 11, 2011

Asking Permission...or Warning You : )

I am asking permission to post your See Jane Run pictures. If you were there, and I know you, I have a running picture of you. I am putting a post together for tomorrow. You have until tonight to respond. I may or may not listen to your reply. In fact, I will probably post at least one picture of each of you. Even the less than stellar pictures (I have my fair share, too, and will post them) are worth being proud of! So, I guess I am not asking permission. I am warning you that tomorrow they will be posted....because I am proud of all of you, and no matter the picture, you should all be proud of yourselves, too!!
(every one's pictures are awesome, but I know how the female mind works and I know a few of you have probably critiqued yourself to death in these pictures, (myself included)but again, I say own it and be proud! You guys kicked booty.)
If anyone I know happened to run her first solo 5k today, and just happended to have a great race, and just maybe PR'd....Congrats to you and your great run!

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