Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Day of School!!

Tomorrow is it! The last day of school for the girls. Seems like we just started this year...with the girls so excited to get the teachers they wanted, so excited they would get to be each others "big buddies"......and tomorrow the year is done with already. Everyone always said that once we had kids the years would fly by.....I would add to that once your kids start school, the years fly by.
Today was the big party day, Em and Soph's class had lunch together, then what has become the annual water balloon fight ensued. Tomorrow, no party, just the good bye's and a few tears (they already started this afternoon). Both girls have really had a perfect year, and amazing teachers. Equally amazing is the office staff that has worked hard to keep our family at the school after our unexpected move mid year. Thanks to their hard work, Bubba will be joining the Woodside family next year as a kindergartner! Hard to believe that the time has arrived already. And as if I needed to create things to be emotional about, it hit me today that tomorrow morning will be our last morning together, just the two of us. The last morning it's just me and him, with his sisters at school. He has kept me thoroughly entertained the past 4.75 years, and my mornings will not be nearly as fun with out him here at home with me. But, he is ready, and excited to be a "big boy" and start school.
So, tomorrow morning Bubba and I will do our last "moma and me" run, doing our slow 8 miles, stopping for a treat at Chevron, watching the ducks, playing at the park.....I plan on soaking in every second and making it last as long as possible!!


  1. Awwww have fun with Bubba! New fun awaits on the horizon!!!!!

  2. Hey Diane, are you commenting while on vaca in CO?? Hope you are having a nice visit. I read about Turkey Track, sounds like a beautiful run. Hope you guys have a great run and lots of fun!

  3. All the kids are growing up so fast. You have been such a Great Mom. I can't believe that your baby is turning into a little man. Enjoy your day together and remember how much you are loved!