Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's Wrong With Me? it!!

I love feeling sore muscles!!

I woke up Tuesday morning, and in that not quite awake stage...I couldn't figure out what was wrong with my body. It hurt. Not bad pain, just an overall stiff, soreness.
After a few seconds of "what in the world is going on"...I realized I was just sore from my Jillian workout on Monday. Then I remembered why my right quad was much sorer than my left...that was because I ran laps in our circular pool with Bubba on my back and pulling Sophie on her boogie board.

Then I just laughed, because it has been a while since I felt sore, and because I was going into a run and workout already sore, and I love doing that. It was 5 a.m. Tuesday morning. An early start to a doubled up day. We headed out for another early morning run, then came home and got right into my Jillian workout. It felt great! I have said before I love running on slightly sore legs and abs, it helps me engage the muscles I want to use because I can already feel them. And Jillians workouts are never a peice of cake, but doing one already sore just makes me push that much harder...and make really ugly faces while I'm doing it. I got numerous "mom, you ok?" moments yesterday from the kids.

The great thing is that after 2 days of beatings and running....I am tired today, but not sore. Wednesdays are always my off day unless there is a conflict that requires rescheduling a run, otherwise I'm off. Today I am off. Heading out to take the kids to the dollar movie - Despicable Me, then....nothing...because I am off!

Shout out to Em who did an amazing job on her talk last night. Extemporanious Speaking...really?? She did great though, she always does, but especially last night!


  1. I kinda like that sore feeling too! Weird huh? I wouldn't do a workout on top of a run though. Did a walk much later in the day after a workout yesterday though. Congrats to Em on her talk. Which one did she do? I'm the hh for #2 tomorrow night. See you all Sunday!

  2. Hey Diane,
    She had the #2 in the second school.
    Friday night meeting, huh?? That would be rough for me! You must have a few congregations using your hall?? We are looking forward to this weekend!! It'll be fun, like our 2 separate worlds are colliding!
    Looking forward to hearing about Western States 100!!

  3. Hi Beth,
    I hope tomorrow is Thursday. Doesn't it usually follow Wednesday? Yikes a Friday night meeting would be very difficult. Hopefully no time soon. You know I'm just giving you a hard time right? I'm in the second school but Jesse has the Bible reading in the first school. It is going to be a busy night.
    I hadn't thought about it but your right our first time together in a theocratic setting. (Play the the theme from the Twilight Zone!) Then we get to have some fun in the sun. It's not supposed to be too hot either. I have to skip the Western States Campout and Aid Station, another friend died and there is another Memorial Service on Saturday. Allen can tell us all about it!

  4. oh my goodness....I can't keep my days straight, summer throws me off!!
    Sorry to hear about your friend. I know the past year in our hall has been rough, lots of memorials, seems to come in waves.
    Well, hopefully I can keep the rest of my week straight!!

  5. I actually had to double check to see if I was right. Summer time is crazy! All I care about is that you make it here on Sunday. I'm sure you will remember what day Sunday is...