Sunday, June 5, 2011


That was.....difficult.
No recap right now, just wanted to say how grateful I am to Angela for being there during this run when I needed someone to be there the most.
We ended up together for the middle miles of this run, both of us feeling yesterdays race and the toll it took on our legs.
I did something today that has never happened during a road race, only during trail runs....I fell. I wasn't lifting my feet high enough, on a narrower paved trail section of this run. I was instantly afraid I was going to get run over. She was there with water to let me rinse my bloody hand, there to let me cry while keeping me moving, and there to calm me down so I could breath. She also knew when to go ahead and pull away and finish strong, letting me finish at my own pace without feeling like I was slowing her down. She makes not only a great friend, but a great running partner!
We both pushed hard and left everything out there.
Thank you, Angela, for keeping me going!

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