Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bookended by Wonderful Weekends

Last weekend was great! Due to the holiday and furlough days, the kids had a 5 day weekend, and Brian had a 3 day weekend.

It started off with our Circuit Assembly, which of course was wonderful.
Monday we all slept in. A long run was due, but between being tired and our less than stellar weather, we were dragging our feet a bit. We agreed on one of our favorite runs and headed into the city towards Golden Gate Park. We were expecting cold weather, but much to our surprise we had very comfortable, partly sunny skies. We started at Ocean Beach, at the Beach Chalet and Windmill. The first half of this run is uphill. If you are familiar with the San Fran Marathon course, you are aware of the climb through Golden Gate park. We've run through here often and know what we are in for, but it always is a bit of a surprise after a few miles of how challenging it can be. We settled in for the climb and made our way to the polo field for a few laps. The girls had a blast on their bikes and took off to see how fast they could go on the track. It is banked on the corners, and there were some hard core cyclists out getting in their mileage on the track, so the girls had fun trying to keep up with the big dogs. Out the other side of the field, we ran down the middle of several streets that are closed to traffic. We ran by the museums, through the Rhododendron Garden, and eventually out the other end of GG park at Haight Street. Then the loop back begins, and the down hill! We swing through the Conservatory of Flowers, down the middle of more closed streets, and then up hill to Stow Lake and around it and the island in the middle. Eventually we made it back to the beach, and the kids flew kites and played in the sand for a bit. It is always such a great, challenging run! While it us uphill the first half, and down hill the second, each little off shoot we take is a maze of hills itself. There is so much to see and it's never the same twice in that park. You are always guaranteed to see something random, San-Fran-ish, hear neat music, see extreme Frisbee taking place in the woods, see bison, small model racing boats on the lakes, waterfalls, flowers, and tons and tons of people who are also out with their families running or biking. You have your choice of parks to stop and let the kids play at. We picked this one at the last minute (we usually don't stop at a park during this run, but felt like it today) and the girls had a blast riding down this hill. Here are a few pictures....
I have already mentioned our 2 raced this weekend, the urban adventure race and half marathon. We are expecting Saturday to be a drench fest as we are expecting quite a storm this weekend. Sunday I am hoping things have cleared out, but definitely a chance of running 13 in the rain. Either way, it should be a fun, challenging weekend ahead!

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