Saturday, June 11, 2011

Me First....

Alright, well, if I'm going to post all your pictures, I am obligated to post mine too I guess. The good, the bad, and the ugly, from start to finish. (well, this is the 5k start, but pretend its the half marathon start) I am proud of my effort in this run, and own every picture....but I will offer my thoughts on them none the less.

In the above picture, we are heading out along the beach, maybe mile 2. I have no idea where Pat and Angela are other than that they are behind me. Oh, looky there, Ang was just barely behind me. She's in black up on the pathway.

I think my knee looks totally disgusting in the top picture and my calf looks thick.

Above, coming back, about mile 11.5 or 12, see the camera and try to look like I am really running. The lady behind me , you can just barely see her, we were both pooped and seemed to keep stopping to walk about the same times. Bugs me that my top tied around me is crooked, I kept trying to adjust it as it hides my self conscience area, but it won't stay put...

my form and stride are totally wonky in above picture, my foot is turned way out and I need to drop my shoulders...and color my roots.

above pic..why are both my arms in front at the same time?? Was I running, or did my arms get confused or what?? My neck looks too thick, head looks too small...Wonky top still bugs me...

above, tired but near the finish, knee still freaks me out, looks strange to me, sports beans are about to bounce out, should have tossed them after the last aid station, they rubbed a nice raw spot...the tired, head tilted to the side and back look bugs me, I do that when I'm super tired....
Ok, so these two pictures really bother me. In the top one I totally look like the Athena runner that I am (female over 150lbs) chest is shifted one way and my booty the other, looks like I am dance-running. The bottom one shows something you may/may not know about me.....
If you look above my right (your left) leg, under my purple top you will see "it".....the "I lost 120 lbs and have loose hangy stuff" bulge....well, I do, and it's there...usually nicely hidden under that purple top that you always see tied around my waist while running. Notice you don't see it on the other side, just the side where the top is wonky?? Nice, huh??? I can't do anything about it other than wear 3 layers of spandex and hide it under a tied on top....It doesn't usually bother me, but this picture got to me a bit. Ever wonder why I never actually wear the purple top, I just tie it around my waist?? Now you know : )

these two, top and bottom, made me laugh. Top one I'm in the upward part of my stride and the "ladies" are catching air, bottom picture is on the bottom part of my stride and the ladies....well about to bottom out....and again with the tummy area bulge.....this bottom pic is probably my least fav from this run

and finally, the finish...trying to decide on which mat to stop my watch....running right in front of Angela who had finished 2 minutes before........

and this one I know I made it in under 2:15, happy and exhausted...what's happening with crazy legs behind me in the pink shorts?? Is that a cramp, a happy dance, or a really bad stride?? Well, she finished, so that's all that matters!
So, there ya go, See Jane Half Marathon from start to finish. While I do, and will probably always, rip my pictures apart after every race, you know what?? I am out there doing it. Yeah, I try to hide my trouble spots, wear cute running clothes, do my make up before I run...but once I'm running, it all goes out the window. During a race is when I can let it all hang out, not care about what I look like, or what's moving and shaking, or that I have weird bony knees and a thick neck. It's my time to go have a one on one battle with my mind and body, see how far I can push both. I could care less what I look like while it' s going on. And I take comfort in the fact that most runners feel the same way. They are having their own personal battles on race day too, and they don't really care what you look like either while you are running. I personally like to look back at the photos I didn't know were being taken that really capture how tired I was, or how much pain I was feeling, or how hard I was pushing to keep going. These may not always be the most flattering, but they capture what the day was all about.
Tomorrow, it's your turn. You are all such modest ladies, so I will take it upon myself to brag about you all a bit and post your amazing See Jane moments!


  1. wow! Hard on yourself much?? I can't begin to see what you see in those pics. With the exception of gravity working (on the ladies' We really are our worst enemies. All I see is someone amazing doing her thing!

  2. Im with Sabrina. I would kill for crazy looking knees. :)My flabby skin doesn not hids as well and in a picture of me it would literally be bouncing up and down. You are an inspiration to so many, not just because of how amazing you look, but because you are so encouraging to all of us as well. Congrats on a great race!