Sunday, June 12, 2011

See Jane's

Sarah K.

This was Sarah's first race, let alone half marathon. When asked to do this race, she was told she didn't have to run the entire time, she could walk. Her reply was that if she was going to do it, she was running it. She trained hard, and she did!!
Congrats Sarah, you look so happy here!
Hopefully this is the first of many races for yo

Angela B.
Here you can clearly see the beast of a runner Angela is. She gives me weekly beatings. She is the friend I talk about who convinced me to try running while I protested that "I am not a runner". When she puts her mind to completing a race, or hitting a certain time goal, she blows it out of the water every time!
You gutted out a great time for this half!
Congrats Angela!

Jina D.
Look at her go! Here we have Jina giving her 5k a smack down! Jina has been running through some difficult back pain. She could have easily made her Dr happy and walked this one, but no. She went for it!
Great Job Jina!!

Darci E.
Well, Darci, I don't know you well, in fact I just met you the morning of this race, but look at the determination on your face!! You are in the zone, and getting it done!!
Congrats Darci!!
Leah K.

Leah is one of those people who, although I don't know her all that well, I know enough to be inspired by her. She's a hard worker, a good example of endurance and making your body do what you want it to do, not what it would like you to do. And look at her...she does it with a smile! Look at those hands, I call that "runners fingers", when you are holding them like that you are really pushing and giving it your all.
Way to push, Leah!

Dawn H.

Here we see Dawn accomplishing something I hope to do one day. She is at the end of a 13 mile run, coming in towards the finish area, in fact, she can probably see it at this point, and definitely hear it. Look at how relaxed and not in pain she is. Look at how she, at the end of a run, is still getting both feet off the ground at the same time!! Amazing, indeed!! In her second annual running of this race, she again did great!Congrats Dawn!

Micaela H.

Look at her go! Just like her mom, she's heading back towards the finish and still managing to get both feet off the ground at the same time and log some serious air time, with a smile! There were only 4 gals in the bay area 18 and younger brave enough to come out and run this half. Not only was she one of them, this was her second year running it, and she came in 2cd in her division! She blew by me early on in this race looking strong and like she had a few years of running experience under her belt.(which she does) She stayed focused, even through some rough cramps, and finished strong.

Congrats Micaela!!

Michelle P.

Look at that game face! Michelle drew strength no doubt from her sparkly jewelry and that special hat to attack this 5k. She's looking like a celeb in disguise while getting her run on. Great job Michelle! Congrats!!

Pat C.

Pat, Pat, Pat.....where do I start with you?? She is one of the most humble people I know. I met Pat while she was training for See Jane last year. She continued on after See Jane, training very discretely for her first Full marathon, San Fran. She told no one. While I am dramatically recapping our San Fran experience, Pat casually mentions here on the blog that she ran it to. She didn't' just run it, she smoked Brian and I. She is a hard worker, and manages to humbly balance real life and this running thing. She has come so far the past year as a runner, I couldn't help but be proud of her as she pulled away from Angela and I and let us humbly eat her dust.Just look at this picture.....she's one determined and focused runner!

Congrats to you Pat!!

Tina K.

Tina was back for more See Jane again this year! Head up, shoulders down, looking happy and strong. While her circumstances didn't allow for the half marathon this year, I am super proud she came out again and gave the 5k a smack down. Way to go Tina, Congrats!

Sophie L.

Well Sophie was back again this year to go full throttle on the mile run. Looks like she is giving it her all and has her game face on. Looks like a nice, short yet fast turn over. Nothing but great races in her future!

Congrats Sophie!

Emma L.

Who's that white shirted blur coming at us here?? It's Emma pushing herself to the limit. Talk about full throttle, petal to the metal, all or nothing, go hard or go home....that is Emma. Race day is game day and she has only one mode...attack. She did great!

Congrats Emma!


Well, who is this? It's me. While I am female and do the female critiquing of myself, I have also learned the hard way how damaging being negative can be. While I may look in the mirror, or pictures, and see the flaws, I choose to focus on the positives. So, and this is hard for me, here we go.

I am tired here, but running strong. Forehead is wrinkled, but that means I am focused and determined to get this race done. Despite a challenging race schedule, I went full steam into this race with a lofty goal on legs that were in need of rest. I worked hard to see that collar bone, and have done thousands of squats and lunges to earn that thigh. What does that last sentence have to do with running strong, nothing, but it was what I thought when I saw this picture.

: )

Congrats to all of us! I am looking forward to next year!

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  1. Dawn and MicaelaJune 14, 2011 at 6:20 PM

    All the runners deserve a round of applause for their accomplishments!