Thursday, March 14, 2013

10 Miles on Page 4

Page 4 of Diablo 50k that is. I had one of those amazing, stupendous, life is great runs this morning.Out Stage to Dusty, cut up to Wall rd, up Wall to Secret Trail, down to BBQ Terrace, and back out the direction of Brazen's Diablo 13.1, which is opposite of how you hit it for Brazen's Diablo 50k. Perfect temp, just enough sun, no people, and great music blaring to scare away anything I don't want to interact with (which is everything when I'm running, lol. I'm quickly becoming a running hermit.) The run itself felt really good. More running than hiking, including uphills. Energy stayed pretty level. I popped a Peach Tea chomp about every 30 minutes, and finished off my water about 1 mile too soon, but other than that it was nearly a perfect run by my (low) standards! MUCH faster than last time I did it with the hubby and we were scrambling to get back in time to pick up Myles from I had 45 minutes to spare....which I spent sitting/laying in the grass by the trail head stretching and listening to the frogs.

Good Morning!!

Heading up Wall

My legs were feeling the climb, but felt perky again whenever I'd start to run again. Can't ask for more than that!

Blurry, but there are flowers everywhere on the MT right now, it's so pretty.

Not quite the top of the world, but feels like it in places. Can you see the area down in the valley that looks like a mud slide? That is by the froggy pond, you can see the trail I was standing on to take that picture of the bike going through the overflow at the bottom of the mud slide area to show you how big the puddle is.  It looks so little from up here, buts it's a big hill!

Sun had not woken up the poppies yet.

I love this section of Wall Rd, runnable rolling hills across the top of the ridge. Diablo on my left, and valley down to the right.

A corner you don't want to miss!

A random little but beautiful pond with Mr and Mrs Duck in it.

For NTL....I remember washing my 78 chevy Scottsdale and then throwing mud on it so it'd look muddy..this was similar...I splashed around a little and did a happy mud dance, haven't seen legit mud in a while. Not sure where this came from, but I enjoyed it!

Tons of poison oak on Secret Trail - that's the shiny green with red leaves.

These are those tall yellow flowers I mentioned last week, they are everywhere and very pretty.

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  1. Sounds and looks like an amazing run. I love runs like those :) I also love that the mustard greens are blooming; makes runs all the more scenic and pretty.