Monday, March 4, 2013

In Random Order.....

This was the 3rd time through here this morning and I chuckled at the layers of my foot print...the one with the mean tread.

This is from our family hike on Saturday.

She's coming down Burma...that's right, we had the kids climb up and then down Burma.

Emma on top of Burma, which feels like the top of the world.

New Shoes!! Serious tread...they are amazing.

This was the third time up the climb of today's hill repeats.

almost to the top

From the family hike....I've showed you this before, where the frog pond spills over the trail, but it usually looks like a mud puddle in pictures from up here. With a bike in it, you can tell better how big it is.

The almost 11 yr old gave Brian some heartburn with this shirtless look.

New shoes from the side.
Shoe info -

Saucony® Xodus 3 True All-Terrain Running Shoes

These runners feature exclusive Vibram® External Bedrock outsoles for ground-biting traction and stability over rough terrain. A 4mm offset midsole design also reduces stride impact for fatigue-reducing performance. Synthetic uppers with debris-blocking gusseted tongues and Pro-Lock frames for a secure fit. Premium sock liners with HydraMAX collar lining. Full-length ProGrid Lite midsoles and targeted SSL EVA shock-absorbing cushioning. Lace garages. Multidirectional lugs. Gaiter compatible.

 Info from Cabela's site. So I tried on the ladies version of these in my normal running shoe size, 11. My toes were at the end and the shoe seemed narrow and tight all over. So, I ended up in the mens size 10 and they were perfect.....a different color, but fit great.  I was drawn to my Mizuno trail shoes in part because I loved the look....but they were slippery as snot, no traction at all. So this time around I went for grip over look, and I'm so happy I did! This mornings run was tough, but they stuck to the ground no matter the terrain. Loved it!


  1. "Lace garages?" "Gaiter compatible?" I like the look of these and the 4mm drop sounds great. Nothing beats lots of traction. Nicely done! And way to go getting the kids up that hill!

    1. Yeah, I had to ask what the upside down hidden pocket on the tongue of the shoe was for...that's the lace garage, keeps the laces tucked away so no junk sticks to the lace, like fox-tails or those sticky pokey ball things.
      I will get them into mud tomorrow for the first time, looking forward to seeing how they do!