Saturday, March 16, 2013

We are Officially In!

We are registered! A quick review - last year we dnf'd at the 4th yellow dot from the right side of the map. We had run Napa 26.2 about a month before hand, had trained almost exclusively on the road (paved) going into Napa, came out of Napa injured (knee/hip) and ran maybe 15 miles total the month leading into Diablo. We had also had no heat for the year yet come race day, so the 90's was a shock to our systems.
This year - no Napa, no road running, no injuries. My schedule this year has allowed me to devote 3 mornings a week, 2.45 hours a pop, to being on the Mt, many times covering all of page 4 and a  good chunk of page 3. Brian and I also do a long run on the Mt on Sat or Sunday. I try to get at least 2000 ft of gain on a run, they usually come in between 1700 and 2200. The only unknown section is from Finley rd to Horseshoe, which we plan on running before race day.  We are both injury free so far. Brian is coming back from his previous injuries nicely. He's super speedy right now, and getting out on the trail on the weekends. I feel 110% more prepared this year.
As for heat - I really think we could have gotten through last year if not for the 95 degrees. As poorly prepared as we went into the race, it was the heat that made us call it half way.  I'm spending every possible second I can in the heat. Our temps are just at that turning point where we have been in the 70's for a week, and now have rain in the forecast...but when it's been warm, I've been outside. I discovered Cool Ties after Diablo last year, and will for sure run with probably 2 on this year. Also, and this is a biggie - they have decided to start a full hour earlier this year, which will help...and if there is a hiker start again this year, we will be taking it! Hikers usually get a 30 minute head start, which I will happily take. The only thing different for hikers in no age group awards, and since that is never even a remote possibility for me, no problem.
Feels good to be officially registered!!


  1. I didn't know about the hiker start or the earlier start for this race - that's great! you two will do very well this year - I can't wait to see you two finish! (I don't think Diane and I will be doing that 50K this year - WTC almost did us in. Well, me at least.)

  2. You both have been working so hard training, you got this! We will be there for the 1/2 though. Diablo will be our next Brazen race.

    1. I hope we get to see you guys!! And not because the dnf shuttle drops us off, hopefully we see you as we cross the finish!! If the forecast is for hot, I'm downing to the half for sure,though... just can't take the heat.