Sunday, March 24, 2013

Caves and Road Kill

Sometimes the most difficult part of a run isn't the choice to enter the pain cave...cuz really, I knew going into this one, it was coming! It's what you do once you're in the cave. That is where you do battle.  It was indeed difficult to walk away from the finish and head out again up the climb.  I honestly already felt like I was in the final miles of my longest (in regards to finish time, not distance...cuz they're all the same 26.2 distance : ) marathon. The mild 70 degrees on the exposed climb up and away from the finish for the second time....took it's toll. 70 degrees and I was a mess - my mind went down the tube trying to figure out what that meant the smart move for Diablo 50k was. It will obviously most likely be at least 70 on Diablo day. One race at a time I had to keep telling myself....and I did do it. It took longer than I had in mind, but was a new 30k PR for both Brian and I. Brian finished about 20 minutes ahead of me. This is the longest run either of us have done in over a year (gasp) and it felt like it!! And....for any who have been wondering from that last post....we are no longer running compatible.  I much prefer to run at the pace I train at (slow) without the pressure of knowing I'm slowing him down.  I did convince him to part ways with me around mile 7...after making him take the above picture.  It was just too good a sign to pass up. : ) And that last steep downhill where I wished for switch backs and not stairs....neither. It was just very steep downhill.
More pictures and a recap tomorrow.


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures and hear about the recap! Albeit a hard run, you did it! :)

  2. Ha ha ha - I love those "Runners on the Road" signs, but this had never occurred to me! It's brilliant! Glad you survived the mental challenge of not stopping early; that's a TOUGH test.