Tuesday, March 19, 2013


 I got a new camera!! I have been in need of a new one for a while, but I have a love/hate with new electronics. I hate change. But I love new when it's needed. I had my eye on a specific camera because of it's durability and pixel/zoom. It's a few steps up in terms of pixel/zoom....and is waterproof, crush proof, dust proof, says on the front it's "adventure proof" ..... so in other words I can drop it in a creek and all is good still! Plus, it looks like a transformer. Bonus. Took it out on Saturday's run, although I still don't really know how to use it properly, I just through a sd card in it and headed out the door.

See the crazy people??

Rock City from our run up Wall Rd

New Camera!! See the 6 little round spot lights around the lens, that's for close up/Macro...it lights your up close subjects so there's no shadows.

See the microscope....yeah, it can do that too, just haven't figure out how to use it yet!

And it has a huge screen.
 Ok, taking today off from running. Did run 7.5 yesterday, but felt like poo.....maybe fighting off the flu again, very nauseated and dizzy and spent more than the usual time in the potty....but I pushed through all that and ran and I figure pushing myself mentally is just as important a part of training as the physical part....so there you go.But today I am resting!!

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  1. I've now got camera envy - that thing looks very nice! Microscope? That could be useful for when I'm trying to find that tiny "rock" that just tripped me up.