Monday, March 4, 2013

Hill Repeats

Heading out to put the new shoes through a little test (ok, I'm sure this will test every muscle in my legs, too.)
Happy Monday!

Update -
Hill repeats done!! That was awesome!
The initial climb is a .5 mile climb - times in minutes were 13, 12, 13. I expected that last one to be longer, but legs held strong!
Total loop times were 31, 29, 30. Again, thought the last loop would be longer, so was happy to still feel decent.  On the surface, those would be dismal 2.09 mile loop times....but these aren't your average 2.09 mile loops.

Shoes- amazing! Whether ascending or descending, I did not slip once! Part of taking new shoes out on the trail is figuring out how much you can trust them, how far you can push them, and on which surface they have less or more grip.  On the first lap's decent I was a bit timid, but whether I was on loose gravel, powdery dust, or rock face......they gripped like glue.  I pushed it a bit on the second laps decent, concentrated on leaning forward and not braking at all, and they still gripped like glue.  No sliding at all.
I'll get some pictures up this evening.

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