Friday, March 22, 2013

This Weekend's Race

It has been a good, long while since we've done an actual race. I'm more inclined to call it an "organized run" than a race, since we don't really "race" anyone, but I digress....
So it has been a long time since we've done any race, and even longer since we've done one together.  I think the last one we did was......hmm....I think mine was solo at Brazen's Diablo??? Goodness. The last one that was Brian and I together may have very well been Diablo 50k last year.  We've done a handful of runs on the mountain together on weekends, but for most of the past year we've been solo runners.  Solo from each other, although he has much more company on his lunch time runs on Embarcadero than I have on my 3-4 runs a week on Diablo. We've been running drastically different terrain,(although he's been getting in some hills on weekends) and very different paces as a result.  He is super speedy on flats, hitting low 8's and even some dips into 7's....where as I'm covering the Mt at between 10 - 12 minute miles, which climb into 14 and 15's for climbs.
So, I'm looking forward with curiosity to this weekends run. It will be a good measure of where we are with distance, speed, running compatibility, and maybe even how I'm doing adjusting to the heat!
We'll be doing the 30k (18 miles) of Coastal Trail Runs Canyon Meadow Trail Run in Redwood Regional Park in the Oakland Hills.  Looks like this -

This is only the second run I've ever done that loops you to the finish and then has you leave again. The first was Enviro's Angel Island run.  We will hit the finish at 13.1, use it as an aid station, then turn and head back out to do a 5 mile loop. That first climb looks steep but also looks to only be around 400 ft of a climb.....the first time should be ok, but I'm guessing hitting it again at mile 13 while running away from the finish won't be nearly as enjoyable! I should point out the 50kers will be hitting the finish line 3 times, running away from it twice...that's just plain torture. And that steep descent at 26k is most likely going to hurt. I'm hoping that is switch backs and not stairs. Makes me happy I've been hitting the hills hard!  The overall elevation gain is 2,652...over 18 miles, which is about 650 more ft than what I've been doing on 8 - 10 milers. It's by no means an easy run, but I do feel prepared for the climbs. It's more the distance that will be painful I think, and will be the longest run I've done in a long time.
Weather is supposed to be a beautiful 71 degrees, and while I don't know much about the course, I do know there are trees, so that should mean some shade. I also know it's a beautiful area full of Redwoods, which should provide lot's of excuses to pause and take a picture : )

Whatever adventure you are having this weekend, have fun and enjoy yourselves!!


  1. I can't wait to hear how it goes! I did a race there several years ago (I think I did the Half) and loved it, but man - hitting the finish then heading back out is a real test. To help with that, Wendell generally won't give you credit for the shorter distance if you choose to drop.

    1. it was beautiful, long, painful, hot, infested with the same steep hill x2...and a new 30k pr for both Brian and I!
      Wendell said at the beginning to just keep moving, not to worry about the course time limit (which I had no worry of)because he talked to the park and they will be there until the last runner finished...stopping at the finish when you were not really finished was not an option!!
      Danni was on my hills the whole time, she did great, and her hubs was full of "woohoo's" and high fives!