Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot

Hee hee hee...sorry to all of you who don't live in sunny CA, but we have a few firsts to report -
Thought this was just of me taking a beating on Diablo in the heat,where 75 feels like 95...... but turns out it also captured Cleavage Creek starting go flow.

-First sunburn of 2013 is currently being displayed across my back!
-First HOT run of 2013 has been logged- in 76 degrees that felt like 100.
-First heat induced meltdown during a run has happened.
-The first time cutting short a run because my heart did not like the heat has happened.
-The first time this year of standing in a creek dumping water over myself....yeah, that happened, too.
-First day of hours of yard work, followed by sitting in the sun reading a book-did that.
-Cleaning off the patio furniture and raising the sun umbrella over the table, did that about 10 hours ago.
I do actually have a top on, in case you are wondering what's going on with that....everything's properly covered, your not supposed to even wonder about that anyway, just look at those awesome tan lines!!! And yes, I run in pigtails.

And the week is still heating up!!

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  1. Hahahaha! I got my first sunburn in New Zealand!