Sunday, March 10, 2013

Special Assembly Day, and Runs

Wednesday's run, I was sure I was going to get rained on, but it held off. I had an hour window from the time I left Sophie's class to the time I had to pick up Myles. I did just a hair over 4 miles in 43 minutes. Not flat, but still not fast. Steady though. Felt good to squeeze a run out of a busy day. 

The Mustard is in full bloom along the trail and in the hills.

Thursday with the Beast, we did a pretty tough 6 miles with 1700 ft of climbing, which felt like a heck of a lot more climbing than it was. There are some yellow flowers blooming in Shell Ridge that are pretty, it's not mustard, but looks like tall Buttercups.
Saturday's run - I sure have my favorite photo spots, you 'll probably see this one 100 more times, I just can't see it and not take a picture. Brian and 100 Mile Ryan headed out to do a 10 mile loop that includes part of  "page 4" of Diablo 50k. I got a 10 minute  head start and was determined not to let those fast boys catch me, although I was looking over my shoulder every 2 seconds expecting to see them.

Thought for sure they'd get me on this section, but I held them off all the way to the bottom of Dusty, where I waited for them for 10 minutes. I headed back inbound on Stage, while they headed outbound on Stage to do the single track loop of Buckeye Trail. It was right around 70 out, and a good reminder of how wicked the exposed trail is on Diablo with even a touch of heat!  Going to be spending some time out there this coming week getting acclimated since we will be in 70's all week.
This is from Saturday's run....if you dont' know me in real life and wonder what I actually look like when I'm not rockin the sweaty, haggard, wrinkly look....... the next picture is for you!
Um...well, maybe I'm always rocking the wrinkles these days. This is from today, we were heading to our special assembly day in Fairfield. Afterwards, we took a little drive out to Lagoon Valley to see where we'll be running at the end of the month. It's pretty out there, baby sheep everywhere.

Ms Sophie
Myles and Sophie. Myles woke up with a sprained ankle. We hiked yesterday, he was tired and whiny at the end, but that is normal. He also fell off the swing in the yard after the hike, but wasn't hurt...but at some point he must have hurt it because it was swollen, bruised, and he was in tears trying to walk.  He limped pretty bad all day, but the boy refuses to be in a bad mood. Ever.  He's always a happy goof ball.

Looks like he committed a crime on the assembly grounds....he did not pee, I just had told him to zip his pants.

Emma....hard to photograph these days, so this is what you get....she's almost 11.  Enough said.

That catches you all up.  Hoping to get some great runs in this week. Even though we need the rain, I'm loving this weather - sunny and 70's all week.  Gonna have to break out the Cool-Ties and an extra water bottle : )

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