Monday, November 18, 2013

1/2 and 1/2

That is how our weekend ended up.

First half was great! Brian had another great long run on Saturday while we biked the second half with him.  It's fun to watch my watch to keep track of his splits while watching his stride and analyzing how one effects the other, watching to see if I can tell he's having a rough mile or feeling tired or speeding up and having a burst of energy.  FYI, is right calf is still bigger than his left, which dates back to his left achilles issue and his tooth pick in the big toe joint injury.  Anyways, it's fun to bike behind him for 8 miles and observe. : )

Sunday morning, as soon as we pulled into the parking lot for meeting (some of ya call this church, we call ours "meetings", just so you know what I'm talking about), Myles filled the middle row of the van with puke.  It was one of those double sprays, where there's one spray, then a pause, and a bigger second spray.   It was not pretty.  So, while the rest of the congregation was pulling in, we were taking up two parking spots emptying the car and getting all the puke out.  Except...he had turned his head to the side and filled the pocket on the sliding door full of puke....which Brian found a few hours later when he was cleaning the upholstery inside the van.  Sort of like a gift that keeps on giving...

Monday morning. Myles is totally fine and at school.  Emma had puked 3 times before 8 a.m. She has been fine ever since. Which is good, cuz mama's got stuff to do.  While I did not send her to school, I did throw her in the car with a puke bag on her lap and did a practice drive to the San Fran airport.  I have never driven there before, so I wanted to do a dry run before Friday when we have family coming into town.  We went through the new bore of the Caldecot Tunnel, and over the new Bay Bridge all in one drive!  Turns out the most complicated part of getting there was figuring out the parking garage.

Then - scrubbed a lot of grout in my bathroom floor, shower, and kitchen counters, cleaned a house full of ceiling fan blades, vacuumed the popcorn ceiling in the workout room, broke down a butt load of card board boxes out side (supposed to rain maybe tomorrow), cleaned the microwave and the fridge. You guys ever have family come to your house for the first time?? It'll make you realize while you always have a clean house....there's a lot of stuff that gets overlooked in the daily/weekly cleaning.  I've got a few forests full of greenery to clean. I'll be taking a tip from the Step Mom and hosing it off in the back yard.  Unless anyone has a different suggestion on how to clean fake greenery??

As for the puking,  I'm going out on a limb and guessing it'll hit Sophie in the morning.  At least this seems to be a one round of puke and then it's over type of bug.

And my car got detailed inside, so....silver lining.

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