Thursday, November 14, 2013

So Clean

Totally not running/workout related - Take a look at my clean garage! Every time we get a "chance of rain" I re-winterize the back yard and try to make the garage into a space the kids can go to play, relax, be alone....just something different from being stuck in the house.  This was how it ended up last week. (btw, we barely got a light drizzle).
The kids loved it. In fact, if you look you can see Emma's big bean bag chair and notice Myles is wrapped up in his new comforter. The kids slept out there over the weekend.  I even broke out some paint and painted that LOVE sign w/the oak tree running through it, and painted the backgrounds for the pictures hanging on the back wall.  Those are special because they are made out of some of the cardboard boxes we have had an abundance of lately : )

Another random thing I'll share with you is what is almost constantly cooking away on my stove once it's Fall/Winter. (even if the weather wont' cooperate with the season, it was 80 yesterday, but we are pretending summer is over).

Ok, well, that pot of brown stuff may not look pretty, but it does smell extremely good!  It has the stuff in the picture in it, plus a cut up apple.  I'm sure after a few hours it would taste really good, but I've never tasted it. I just leave it on low all day and refill the water when it gets low.  It smells so good and wintery!

Ok, enough randomness. If you are watching the Strava feed on the left, take a look at the elevation profiles on todays 2 runs. I am so happy to have held anything in the 12's for an average on that run w/the Beast.  After that run I drove up to the summit thinking I'd run some loops around the top, which I was convinced was totally flat. Um, no, it's not.  If you look at that elevation chart...there's not a foot of flat to be found. My legs were pretty shot from the first run, so I called it after 3 loops and then still had to climb back up to the car.  Today was a very solid day of running!

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