Sunday, November 3, 2013

Let's back up so we can move forward

Before I can show you this weekend's race pictures, I need to post a few more from last weekend's Rocky Ridge. These are ones that I took -

 I wish you all could feel how brutal this hill is.  It just goes on and on.  The half marathon runners hit this at around mile 9.

 That mountain in the distance is Diablo from the side.
 Finally reached the top of the ridge, now it's just a bunch of rollers and back down into the valley down on the left.
 There's Emma!
 There's lots of these bumps up on top of the ridge, short steep little ups and downs.
 There's a great look at the left hand turn we take and then drop off pretty steep down into the valley....but there's lots of short uphills, even on the way down.
 Coming down a steep hill, about now is when I pulled away from Emma, not because I really wanted to. My legs were tired and I needed to let them fly on the down hill instead of trying to go slow, which is harder on down hill.
 We all finished! Em was 1st and only in her age division.

 A typical Brazen feast after the race. I know of NO other race company that takes such great care of it's runners!!  We really are spoiled!!
 See the It's It in Emma's hand?
There you have it!  Rocky Ridge 2013. 


  1. I just remembered what I had meant to ask earlier (and I know I could do some research and work this out, but it's much more fun to bug you): Did any Half runners pass you before you finished? That seems unlikely, but I don't know how much time there was between the Half and 10K starts, and there were some wickedly fast Half runners. And Myles looks awfully content with that plate of snacks and that medal around his neck.

    1. Yep, the lead men did pass Em and I. I don't think any ladies did, but I could be wrong. I finished in 1:36, add 15 minutes and you are at 1:51 for the half, so anyone who finished the half in that time passed us : )