Saturday, November 9, 2013

Woooo Hooo!

 I few things that made me extra happy this week!

First- the mornings have been cold enough to break out the knee highs! I love these pink ones.  They made me run happy!

This news made me super happy!!!!  Save Mount Diablo made a huge purchase!  How SMD works is as land becomes available they purchase it and sell it to the state of California, which slowly expands Mt. Diablo State Park.  There are still private land owners on the mountain and in the foothills that, if SMD can get a hold of the land rather than have it sell to a developer or another private party, it just grows the State Park property and ads to the protected land.
Well, CC Ranch is  a huge, huge property that they have wanted to purchase for years!
1,100 acres of amazing land. A 7 million dollar purchase.
Tons of new Mt land to explore!

 You can see in the picture where it ways Windy Point, Cave Point, Knobcone Point, The house, and Curry Canyon - all of that is part of CC Ranch property that is now SMD's. The state will buy it from SMD over the next 3 years as they can afford it, so it'll gradually open to the public during that time.
And this.  What is there to say really.  More true words have never been spoken. : )  I love, love, love this tank top! Thank you, dad!

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