Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Strava's Any Way 10K Challenge

Any runners out there doing this challenge this week??
I am happy to report all 3 kids are at school today, no puking this morning.  Which meant it was time to see what kind of a 10k I could lay down.  The challenge is to run a 10k this week as fast as you can.  For me, that meant finding the flattest section of trail I could find and running repeats on it. I had about a .55 stretch out and back on the Canal Trail, so I'd get a little over  a mile each time out and back.  After 2 times I added a different out and back because I was getting bored from around the 2.5 to 3 mile mark, and my pace started to go up.  After adding the variety and taking a quick second to take off my jacket and throw it towards my car as I ran by it, my pace came back down a bit and I was a happy runner again.

Interestingly, my first mile was in the 9's and the fastest.  I'm always stiff my first mile, and was doing a short, choppy stride that kept my feet under my body and a mid/fore foot landing.  It felt like a shuffle more than my usual run, but guess what?? It was faster.  When I would start to feel tired or when I'd realize I was striding out a bit, I'd make a real effort to get back to the short, shuffle stride and again, my pace would improve.  Granted, when I say improve I'm talking about seconds, but with a goal of keeping the miles anywhere in the 10 range, it made a big difference.

Anyhow, there's always a difference between my Garmin stats and my Strava stats, and to a non runner, I'm sure it seems silly to fret over a minute difference....but I was so stoked to watch my Garmin and see that I hit the 10k mark in 1:04:15!! That's a 10:23 average mile, and compared to my 12 - 15's out on the mountain, it's fast for me.  Strava has the 10k at 1:05:18.  Yes, it's only a minute, but 1:05 is different than 1:04.  1:04 is more exciting. :)  I went a bit further to make sure when I uploaded it didn't short the distance, which sometimes happens. If you click on the run in the Strava feed, check out all those miles in the 10 range!!

Anyhow, that's my excitement for the morning! If anyone else is doing the challenge, let me know!
You can see the stats on the Strava feed.

Edit. The excitement for the morning was when a delivery guy showed up at my door with a dish washer!!!  We haven't had one for...maybe 4 months now?? We rent, and love our house, so we try to be easy going tenants and not make a big deal about things.  In the rental agreement, small appliances are our responsibility to fix/replace.  So far we've bought a fridge, 2 washers, and my dad replaced our dryer when it went out.  So when the dishwasher went out...we just couldn't go buy a new one.  Weirdly enough, dishwashers are something the home owner is responsible for. So...we've been patiently waiting, willing to split the cost, or buy a rebuilt (cheap one)...anything.  But it's a luxury to have one, and we have low rent for our area, and like I say, we love our house and location, so we really try to be quiet tenants and not complain.    With no notice or anything, one was just delivered!! Now we just need to have someone come get the old one out, and put the new one in, fast...before this weekend because, if you missed it in the last post....I have family coming!!!

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