Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happiness At Brazen's/Save Mount Diablo's 5k, 2013

 Happiness is helping this dude get his running mojo back.
After Rocky Ridge, I had some repair work to do.
(disclaimer-we LOVE Brazen's Rocky Ridge, but it is really tough and not incredibly fun if you are 7 and have short little legs)
 Myles needed a fun race. 
My only goal was to make sure he had fun and ended the day wanting to do another race.
He's a sucker for a costume, so that was what I started with.
We are Super....something. Not sure, other than it was just fun.
I also have on a cape, but it's black, so it's harder to see.
He's wearing boxers, I converted a pair of boxers into a skirt.
 We had a blast!

Notice I'm holding a cup in my hand? That is a cup of happy. We mixed a few goodies at the aid station and whenever he asked for a boost, he got one.  Nothing like running with a cup of jelly beans and skittles!

 Above, he's running with Sophie and her running friend, Blythe. Note the coolness of the back of the race shirts with the butterfly wings!

 Crossing a very, very dry creek bed that should be flowing with a creek by now.
Above, just like his papa last weekend w/the Ultra Gam Gaiter Girls...he's totally looking where he shouldn't : ) Speaking of Ultra Gam Gaiters, don't Myles gaiters look awesome??
 He's in the zone!  He wanted music so I was playing my country channel on my phone. He was humming in this picture because he didn't know the words.
 Last down hill.
 Running strong down the finish shoot! Yes, the harder he runs, the further back his head goes. : )
My happy boy!
We ran, skipped, hopped, danced, leaped over and off of rocks, passed people and made funny faces at them, sang inappropriately loud...whatever we needed to do to get a wave of happiness flowing, we did.  We were a bit of a roving 2 person party.
It did help that when we first arrived, he hit the hot coco hard. There were a few refills of cups of marshmallows covered in whip cream while we waited to start.
That will always increase his "happy" level.

We really did have fun and I'm so glad he had a better run this weekend than last weekend!
I secretly can't wait for another opportunity to wear my super-mom skirt and hair! I kind of love it!!

I'll have a complete re-cap post up later in the week.


  1. THIS IS SO COOL!!! Congrats on getting his mojo back! I love that he's cool with the cape and such - I was so self-conscious at that age you could never have gotten me to do anything like that. (Bummer about the dry creeks though.)

    1. Me too, at his age and truthfully even now it's a bit out of my comfort zone but once you have kids, you give up all rights to being shy, timid, or self-conscience. You find yourself doing some really goofy things in public and convince yourself it's totally normal : ) But I don't need to tell you that (froggy hat guy, arrow through the head guy...I could go on : )
      We missed you guys! Brian said he saw Danni out on the half course taking pictures.
      And the creeks, scary dry. There's only one puddle for me to play in, and then no creeks to rinse off in afterwards.