Thursday, November 7, 2013

Brazen Racing's/Save Mt. Diablo's Trail Challenge, 2013

Last weekend was all about Diablo Trail Challenge!  We set aside Saturday afternoon to help with set up. Just like last year, we had a great time helping get stuff set up, tables covered, medals unwrapped, tents popped up, trucks unloaded, tables in place and covered, boxes of stuff in the right area, etc.  Last year Sam and Jasmin spoiled us with lunch, this year we were setting up a bit later and again,we were spoiled with a delicious dinner of mexican-ish food. The pulled pork and mac-n-cheese were amazing!  
If you ever have the opportunity to help out the day before or early morning of a race, it's really a neat thing to be there later, during the race/event and have a better appreciation for just what all goes on before hand and behind the scene.  For instance, I knew race morning, watching everyone enjoying their steaming hot cups of coffee, that I had made it the night before. (it brewed in the morning, but was all ready to go the night before).  And all those medals handed out...each one comes in it's own plastic baggy, which we unwrapped the day before (over 1000).  It takes a village, and it's just special to know you got to help a tiny bit.
On to race day-
I think the best way is to do this by person, so we'll start with Brian.  He was doing a tough 13.1 after being very sick and not having run in over 3 weeks.  The good news was the weather was perfect running weather, starting off darn near cold, and not warming up too much, which for Diablo is rare.
Brian is in black just coming around the corner back there.
 Obviously, these are out of order-
Finishing with a smile! You can see my black arm w/a camera coming in from the right side : )

Holy Moly Cow!! (that one's for Sky) Look at those legs!

 It was a tough run, but he got it done and felt good in the days that followed.
Next up is Emma, she was running the 10k-
Making her way up Sunset Trail like it's no big deal. I went up this same trail today, hit it 5 miles into my run, and it nearly did me in!
 She didn't know that lady before the race, but she does now.  She was recovering from an injury and time off from running. She found Emma afterwards and thanked her for her encouragement and running with her. She also told me I looked too young to be Emma's mom. I resisted the urge to give her a big hug : )
Man she looks like an adult running in this one. Were it not for her yellow hat I would not have thought that was her.
 Running strong into the finish.  Like her brother, she felt a lot better with this run than Rocky Ridge the weekend before.  The lesson here is to run Rocky Ridge, and then whatever race you run next will seem easy!
She had enough left to kick when she hit the finisher shoot. I'd love to still be catching air at the end of one of my races!

Next up we have Sophie-
Sophie and her race posse. These ladies and Sophie are together often during Brazen runs. They all know each other.
 Sophie and her runner friend Blythe getting it done and having fun!

All the kids finished about 10 minutes quicker than the weekend before, happier, and less tired!
We all had a blast.  We always love this race because it's on our home turf in Castle Rock park where I do a lot of my running.  Also, it's a Brazen run, and a Save Mt Diablo fundraiser.  All good things.
Even better, we get to do it again in April!
Thanks to Brazen, Save Mt Diablo, all the Search and Rescue folks and of course all the volunteers!


  1. This is a great post - love all the family stories! This might be the first time we've missed this race race in years, but Sunday races are tough. That looks like a great shirt and medal though - we really missed out. Congrats to all for beating their RR times!

    What's next?

    1. Hey,
      We'll pick a Brazen race after all the holiday ones pass by. Immediate plans are that Brian's training schedule for the Surf City Marathon starts this weekend, so our next 12is weeks of weekends will be getting in a long run on Saturday and a shorter recovery run on Sunday. We haven't trained for a full, paved 26.2 in so long, it's going to be interesting.
      The plan is for him to run from home through the hills (dirt trails) to the paved trail and split his long run between the dirt and paved so it's easier on the body. We shall see how it goes!

    2. OH, and we are both putting our names in the lottery for Way Too Cool this year!
      Are you guys this year?

    3. Wow - that would be awesome if you get in! (And you likely will, at least one of you.) Assuming they have the early start again this year, you should take advantage of it - that removes all cutoff pressure. The course is not nearly as hard as Brazen Diablo, but it's no pussycat either.

      Diane and I are planning to skip it this year, but if you get in, we might have to make a trip up to watch. It really is fun, assuming you don't get freaky weather.

      26.2 on pavement makes me involuntarily shudder, however, I do like the support you generally get at those kinds of races - cheerleaders and such along the course really boost me!

    4. Yep, there's an early start and I would for sure take it!