Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa's Visit - Nov 2013

The kids had been so excited for this weekend!!
The weekend started off with a very rough travel day for Grandma and Grandpa, but here's a look at some of the fun we had once they did arrive!

This was at around 12 a.m. on Saturday (to tell you what kind of a day they had, they were supposed to have arrived at 8 a.m. on Friday). We were all just happy that they made it and were still smiling!!
 Saturday Morning relaxing on the sofa at Starbucks after a wonderful breakfast and some grocery shopping.
 Dad and Val really wanted to see the mountain that they always read about on the blog, and we were excited to be able to show them some of our favorite spots. We went to Mitchell Canyon on Saturday, and started off with climbing a big gravel pile.
 Then we hiked.

 Somewhere around this spot, Grandma Val and I spotted a coyote down across the ravine, and he was a cute, fuzzy one, not a scraggly looking one. (this pic is facing backwards, from where we came)

 A few rounds of air hockey were played.
 Sunday we did some site seeing in the Mill Valley and Sausalito area. This was at MHBB, Devon and Nathan Yanko's Bakery/Cafe. Devon, the blond  behind the counter, had run the Berkeley half marathon that morning and placed a speedy 4th.  The cake and cookies were delicious!!
 Boy, that cake had no idea what was about to happen to it. Myles put on his game face and attacked that thing!

Above, Grandma and the kids by Tyler Florence's restaurant in Mill Valley. Below, on the waterfront in Sausalito.
 Grandma Val got all the kids new hats and they were so excited!!

 That was eaten at the Cheesecake Factory and it was so good! Hershey's Smore's cheesecake!
 Monday morning started with breakfast at Black Bear Diner.
 Then it was back to the mountain for some more of the mountain. We went to Castle Rock this time.

 It was so great to have them out there with us. It's one thing to post pictures for our family in far away places to see, but to have them here and be able for them to experience what I mean when I talk about needing to get out on the mountain for my own "me time" and how peaceful it is was special.

We had a great visit.
We were all so happy they came down.
It was not great timing for them to be away from home (understatement) but we are so grateful that they took the time and energy to come down and spend time with us and the grand kids.
Thank you both for all the treats and good eats!
The kids hope they sent you home with a brain full of factoids!
We will be thinking of you both, and thanking you, on Friday!
We love you both much.

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