Thursday, November 14, 2013

Monday With the Kids

 Goodness, this is just such a pretty little loop around the summit. This is the Mary Bowerman Trail.  It's also the trail I ran loops on this morning.  There's not a bad view anywhere.

 Check out the beautiful summit back there. The Beacon is now back on top and all the renovations have been completed, so the upper deck is open again! A side note, the girls were randomly walking with arms around each other. I love it when they still do that!
 Check out the amazing turquoise stripes on that rock!
 Myles, with a series of ridges coming out of his head. First is Bald Ridge, then Eagle Peak, then Black Point.
 After the loop we headed to Rock City for lunch and fun. I quickly realized it was not much fun to be there with one parent and 3 kids.  It was hard to keep eyes on all 3 and you have to at Rock City.

 We had to climb up this way to get to the awesome rock you see below.  It's not man made, totally natural and just is that way. I'm sure there's a scientific reason for it.
I had a fun day hanging out with my kids!

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  1. Val paid us the best compliment of my life. She told me that my two daughters are the best parents she has ever seen. She stated how awesome of parents the two of you are and how hard you two work at it.
    I agree