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Beachbody - p90x2

Here is another video that gives a deeper look into p90x2 workouts.  It is 6 minutes, and just a  bit too long to include in this post, but definitely worth taking the time to watch!

p90x2 - Here is the site. The Facts can also be found on the main page of the site.

What You Get - Each kit includes 12 all new workouts, How To Bring It Again dvd which is an overview of the program, a fitness guide, a nutrition guide, and a workout calendar. That is the Base kit, however you have the option of 2 additional kits.  Deluxe includes everything in Base, plus 2 additional workouts, foam roller, stability ball, and 2 8-lb medicine balls. If you would like to pay even more, you could opt for the Ultimate Kit, which has a RumbleRoller instead of the foam roller, the stability ball, the 2 8-lb medicine balls, and Tony Horton's PowerStands. (view kits here)

Cost - p90x2 Base Kit is the same 3 payments of $39.95 (plus $19.95 s&h).  p90x2 Deluxe Kit is 3 payments of $79.90 (plus $34.90 s&h). p90x2 Ultimate Kit is (gulp) 3 payments of $109.85 (plus $34.90 s&h). The site says the Deluxe Kit is a 30% savings, and the Ultimate Kit a 20% savings.
If that seems like an arm and a leg, you have the option of starting off with the Base Kit, and buying the Deluxe or Ultimate packages at a later time to add on to what you already have. It will end up costing you even more to do it this way than if you were to just pay the initial cost up front, plus you pay the shipping twice. However, if you are needing to spread out the expense, it is an option. Find more about adding on the packages here.
(there is a 90 day money back guarantee)

The obvious question:
How is P90X2 different from P90X?
"Consider P90X2® the next wave in applied science for body transformation. Like P90X®, it's a complete 90-day program but with all-new, cutting-edge workouts grounded in the most modern thinking in sports science. It takes the principles and foundation of the P90X concept and cranks up the intensity with exercises that demand every ounce of your balance, agility, core strength, and athleticism. And of course, P90X2 will reward you with eye-popping results." (source)

Eye-popping Tony Horton at age 52. (source)
My Uneducated Opinion -
Pretty much the same thoughts as yesterdays.  Seems like a great workout.  Seems difficult and intense and like something I would enjoy.  The price of the Base Kit is comparable to other 90 day programs, just as p90x is.  However, I do think the other 2 "kits" are pretty spendy.  That said, if you have purchased a foam roller or medicine ball lately, you know that they are spendy.  So if you don't have them and need them, this may be a good way to go (except that you are paying to ship 16lbs of medicine ball, doh).  Then you figure in the 2 additional workouts.....I don't know, I mean you are getting a lot of stuff....but to this mom of 3, single income family of 5 living in CA, it seems like a lot of money.

Are you curious  to hear from someone who has completed p90x2? FYI, James laid down the big ones and got the Ultimate Kit.
Here are James thoughts on the program:

"I bought the full DVD workout program with the rumbleroller, stability ball and the two 8 lb medicine balls.

First off, the whole thing was expensive in my opinion. I started the workouts and noticed right away that the music tracks totally suck. Insanity workout music is excellent and motivating. Even the original p90x track is ok. But the music is just plain bad and boring. It's also way too low in the mix and does nothing to motivate me during the workout. One should never have to point out the music track in a workout program, but since BeachBody prides itself in quality programs, they missed the beat with the music on this.

The rumbleroller in this program is a waste of money. I don't like working out on it (mostly because it's not gentle...meaning it hurts to use it). The use of the stability ball is nice. Where as in Insanity workouts you have to pretend you have a huge globe in your hands and move about, here you actually hold the stability ball and move it around during the routine. Really works the body nicely and they have a lot of ways of using it.

The new ab ripper disc is great. If I had to choose which one I like the best between the three programs, I couldn't pick. They're all excellent and hard. I actually think the Insanity abs might be the easier of the three. I though each week alternate between the three ab discs every other day. Seems to work great.

I thought p90x2 would be more unique and intensive than it is. It does have a lot of very difficult routines and trust me, they are not easy, but I'm so sold on the original p90x and Insanity workouts that p90x2 seems like they these guys sat around a table trying to figure out new moves to put on a set of DVDs. I'm not saying I hate the program, I'm just not as motivated for this one as I am the others. I don't like wasting time on the dumb rumbleroller when I've paid so much money for the program. Maybe it's the music track that's bugging me too while I workout. Whatever it is, I don't have the "love" for this program as much as I do the other two. p90x2 is shot beautifully, has a bunch of attractive people in it, but something is lacking and I keep coming back to the music. What I love about the other two programs is cranking up the volume and bust'in a move along with the music/and the team on the DVD. Not happen'in here as much.

A very nice feature of this program is the balance moves using the stability ball and the 8 lb medicine balls. These are great and are difficult. I'd say if one is going to buy and use this program that they really want to fine tune their body but only after doing p90x or Insanity first. p90x2 really dives into harder, more specific moves that in many ways are variations of what p90x already had. Overall, this program is effective and works the body. It is not at all for the beginner. These are more advanced moves requiring excellent balance and focusing on tightening area of the body that are already in good shape."

RATING: 7.5 (assuming a 1 to 10) standard

DIFFICULTY: 8.5 to 9 (assuming a 1 to 10) standard
MUSIC: Poor. Way to low in program mix. Boring to workout to.
Honest, and interesting, thanks James!
Tomorrow, something I actually have done - Insanity!!

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