Monday, May 14, 2012

Today's Excitement

 So Kona came in the house to bark at me, as opposed to going outside to I followed him to the back yard and knew things were going to get exciting real quick.. I first saw the smoke and then saw the flames shooting up the other side of our back fence where it meets the trail. I ran inside and got my phone, called 911 as I was grabbing the hose.... the lady on the other end of 911 asked if I was calling about the fire, I said , "yes, my back fence is about to go up and the neighbors is gone, " she says, "they are on their way" and hung up. Sweet. The hose was barely long enough but I could keep the fence wet...but the flames were up against it on the other side.  One of those guys you see standing on the sidewalk looked over the top of our fence and I said, "can you jump it and help me" and he did. I told him where another hose was in the front of the house,  He went around the front and brought me the hose from the front and helped me connect it to the one I was using so I could shoot over the fence and get the flames up against the fence.  Then he jumped back over the fence and was gone.  It was super scary, not even going to try and be tough about it, it was scary. Something about fire, hearing it crackling, ashes falling everywhere and black burnt stuff falling and actually seeing the flames so close.....I saw the neighbors fence go up and just kept looking at their house wondering if they were home, they have a new baby and a 3 year old.  I didn't know what to do, leave and let our fence go up knowing if the fence went it would spread fast...or stay put and keep spraying and just watch and make sure the fire didn't get too close to their house (they have a pool between the fence and the house). Two engines came and sprayed foam on our fence, but they had to cut through a fence on the trail before they could get to the neighbors, so I switched over to spraying down their patio and tried to reach the flames w/the hose, but couldn't get close enough.  Eventually it was out, and I headed out the front door to go next door and make sure she wasn't home w/the babies.  She wasn't, but the nanny was and the police had gotten her out. 
the orange fence you see with the guys by it is ours, theres a nature trail on the far side of it, that is where the fire was.

thats the corner of our yard, the flames were up against it on the side you can't see

see the flames...this was before the trucks got there, i was on the other side spraying

you will notice it mentions the "several homes on Florida" that were in danger, that's me and our neighbor.


  1. How very scary! I'm so glad you thought quickly and used the hose.

  2. Way to go Kona! This kind of thing is REALLY scary and can quickly escalate. Glad to hear it didn't get worse, and all are OK. I think Kona desreves a long belly rub!