Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brazen Does it Best!! (dont read if you don't want to c Sat's race shirts)

 If you ordered a ladies tech're gonna be super happy!! These are the perfect, perfect beautiful shade of teal, or aqua (depending on what you want to call it)...its the shade of blue I am always looking for in everything - shirts, purses, running's very hard to find!!
I absolutely love it!!

too bad this is Emma's shirt : ( If I can shrink myself back down to a woman's small I will steal it!

Always love the Wildcat eyes!

This is the ladies cotton, a nice blue, but not "The" blue.

This is the mens tech shirt, really, really not blue.

Brian did not care about color, as long as it had the eyes : )
I never wear tech shirts because I am super picky about what I run in. I always order the cotton from Brazen races because they are nice, v-neck, and shaped in at the waist and I wear them all the time just for everyday wear.  I am kicking myself for not going tech this time!  Did I mention the bibs have our names on them?? Brazen started doing that a few races back....just another one of the special "Brazen Touches".


  1. I like the men's shirt! That blue would gather dust in my closet. Love the design (as always). Can't wait for Saturday!

  2. All of you: "Run like the wind" and have lots of fun. Wish I could be there.