Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Knee Bruising Question

Anyone out there w/IT band issues have bruising on the outside of the knee?? Not as in "feels bruised" but as in an actual blue/green bruise?
When it was really bad I had a spot, about the size of a thumb print, on the outside of the knee, just to the right of my right knee cap, it's right where I can see a line of tendon that connects in...that would constantly have a bruise.  It's been gone for the last 2 weeks (I also  have had little to no pain during that 2 weeks, running short, flat, easy 3 milers on the treadmill).   Its really hard to pick it up on the camera, but it's there, here's the best I could do, and you can see in the video better where it is and, obviously, it does not hurt at all to touch/push on it or move it.

Coming down the last downhill of Saturdays 5k I ran maybe 5 steps and had the same old shooting sharp pain on the outside of the knee, and the bruise is back. ( when it was bad, it would usually be the worst on downhill, so I was not terribly surprised to feel it) I ran today w/the Beast, pushing Myles in the jogger, 4 flat miles.  No sharp knife-like pain and was walking comfortably afterwards.  It's stiff, and feels like it's healing, just curious about the bruising.  It's clearly the same size, same spot when it shows up.
Any thoughts out there??  I feel like it's getting better.  It feels way better.  I am able to walk after I'm done running, and for a while there I could not hardly bend it at all after a run.  The sharp knife pains are very few and far between (like once in the past 2 weeks, and when I would expect it to have shown up).  I suspect the bruise is a remnant of Saturdays downhill pain, that whatever it is that happens when the pain shoots is what makes the bruise.


  1. I just experienced this same exact thing yesterday during my first marathon at about mile 15. Stabbing pain in the side of the knee, like something snapped in there. I stopped, had a nurse look at it, he rolled some icy-hot on it, but said he couldn't do anything for it. I took some advil, then walked to mile 16. At mile 16, I decided to run through the pain. I was able to run for the rest of the race, but about mile 23, my knee was really, really hurting. I just kept running, determined to cross the finish line running. After the race it hurt to bend the leg naturally when walking, so I limped around keeping that leg straight. The next morning when I woke up, I saw a light bruise on the outside of my knee next to my knee cap and a little swelling, too. I'm not having any luck googling this, so have you found out any info about what it might be?

    1. Hey Jessica,
      I had no luck finding any info online at all, very strange. I will say that I started rolling out my IT band more, and stretching more, and iced regularly. It eventually stopped happening, as well as all IT band pain, but I did end up cutting back my weekly mileage to around maybe 20 miles...which is low for me, I'm happiest between 30 and 35. I don't know what it was, but cutting back, icing, and rolling out my IT band - both above and below the knee- (this is not pretty, it hurts!) did the trick for me.
      Thanks for stopping by, and huge congrats and props on your first marathon!!