Sunday, May 6, 2012

Diva 5k in Pictures

 I blinged out our bibs.

 Somehow Diane managed to find us in this ocean of pink fluff, I really didn't think we would find each other!!
I need to remind myself next time Diane wants to run a race together - she disrobes at the most random times and throws her clothes at strange men!! So embarrassing!
And....she will remember if she strips down to her bra and makes the mistake of handing me her shirt, I will run away with it. : )
(she was hot and trying to take off her long-sleeved black shirt that's under the pink one, so she just took it all off)

 If you make the above pic bigger you can see Emma in black/light pink tutu, and NLT standing in jeans on the median taking pictures. She was way way ahead of us, and the majority of people, heading back.
 she's getting hot, wondering where the aid station is.....

 So Emma missed everything (including aid station) from this picture until the boa station, she was a few blocks over on the road, while we were on this pretty trail : (

 Below is her finish shoot kick!!

 I vote for every race finishing like this!! I wonder if you can rent them for events : )

 Mostly good times!!


  1. Emma nailed this race! 150th out of over 1300! 6th in her age group! I love these pictures and that you were all there - too much fun! Congrats to you and Sophie for finishing so well too!

  2. That was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad we found you. Yes, I will remember that you are not to be trusted to stay close with my clothes. A sports bra looks just like a workout top anyway, nothing to revealing! I was so so so hot. Glad there aren't photo's of me in just the bra. Very fun, thanks for the outfit suggestions! I probably would not have thought of them on my own!