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Beachbody Week - p90x

(there are tons of p90x videos on You tube, tons. Lots of before/afters, too)

p90x - Here is the site.
The facts about p90x - Here is where you can find most answers to any questions you have about the program. You can read what the program is based around, what you'll  need to have, how much space you need, etc.
What you get -  A 90 day program, consisting of 12 workouts, a nutrition plan, fitness guide, p90x calendar and tracking sheets, and online support. Go Here for a break down of the 12 workouts w/clips of Tony giving a brief run down of each workout.
Who Is Tony Horton? -  "Elite trainer Tony Horton has spent over 20 years developing his expertise in all areas of fitness. His skills and knowledge led him to create P90X, now the #1 best-selling home fitness program in America." (Source)
Cost - 3 monthly payments of $39.95 (+19.95 s&h) Or select a single payment option during checkout. (There is a 90 day money-back guarantee)  
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My uneducated opinion:
Short and sweet......This seems like a killer workout!!  I have never heard anyone who has done it say anything negative about the workouts.  I am a fan of intense, seemingly impossible at-home workouts, and this seems to fit the bill.  I love the idea of taking a workout that seems undoable and just gutting my way through it....at home...where I can sweat and yell and make sounds that scare my kids and not do it perfect and not be insecure about it...because I'm at home...alone, except for the kids (who laugh at me and tell me it sounds like I need to go to the bathroom). This definitely seems like one of those programs.  Being completely honest, I do have to say I have watched many a p90x clip.....and I don't know if I could handle Tony Horton.  I am not a fan of over dramatic, overacting, catch phrases, all the arm crossing to make the "X"......that junk annoys me rather than motivate me. That said, I have not done the program...maybe he grows on you, or you "get him" after having him in your house everyday working out with you.
As for the price...initially it seemed like a lot, but it is actually pretty competitively priced if you compare it to other programs out there.
Alright, that's really all I can say since I personally haven't done it.  

How about hearing the thoughts of someone who has completed p90x 4 times?!! Yes, that's 4 rounds of 90 days each!
Here's what James had to say :

"Warm up routines are generally about 7 minutes and are okay. What is a really good warm up...who knows? Some of the arm/shoulder warm up moves are basically useless (like swinging the arms in 360 degree circles). I'm not fond of the cat stretch in the program either. Seems to have no value. Tony Horton is also an endless talker (which he openly admits), but he cares about you and makes you want to work along with him. My favorite line in the program is "Do your best.....and forget the rest". Yea...its' stupid, but it's great for people like me who are basically jaded and scared to do all this stuff anyway. Nice encouragement to ramp you into an high-end intensive workout program.

A positive and also a negative is that Tony takes a some time before each routine starts to demonstrate how it's done and typically will inform you some of the down-the-line benefits. Doing that takes 30 seconds or more sometimes. When he's done, you start the routine for typically 30 seconds or a minute.

p90x is an excellent workout program, but you mentally need to be ready to do it especially if you're a beginner. Each workout lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours and will work you 6 to 7 days a week. p90x is set up to do what a gym would do but without all the weights, machines and membership fees (and I liked that part of it a lot). Discs focus on core, legs, back, shoulder, and everywhere in between. When weights are added in your results are even better.

Yoga X is a lot harder than you think. It moves and twists your body in unusual ways. Legs and back is probably my least favorite, but only because it seems hard to me. Kenpo X is my favorite. Just totally enjoy the whole workout with the punching, kicking, etc. The more boring discs are X Stretch and Cardio. X Stretch is basically similar to Yoga X but much more simplified. Cardo X is good and effective, but has moves taken from all the discs in the program. Not enough true cardio to me in my humble opinion.

Cool downs are generally about 5 minutes and are a wrap up of what was done during the warm up phase.

My overall impressions? I love this program. I love that it works every aspect of your body. Combined with Insanity, these two can keep you in shape for life."
 If you have any questions for James, don't be afraid to ask!

Not James, I just enjoyed this pic from the p90x site.

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