Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This Week -

This week has been way less eventful than last week and I'm thankful for that!
I could do w/o these terrible allergies, though.  I rarely get sick, like just want to sleep and not move sick, but have felt that way the past 2 days. It feels like there is grit in my throat, sinus, ears, and just scratchy powdery grit that is making everything feel raw, burny, and watery.
Kona has also had a rough week.  After 2 failed grooming appointments, it looks as though I may be his new groomer.  We've always taken him to the same place, but something has changed and he's just way too nervous, "aggressive, and unpredictable". After yesterdays appointment, he came home completely shaved...looks nothing like a Schnauzer, just a rat. I guess brushing his face was making him bite, so they just shaved everything off, his cute eyebrows and beard...gone.  At least it's a good camping hair cut.
Speaking of camping, we are heading to Shasta for a 3.25 day weekend. Any moms out there who agree that it is a lot of work to go camping and anything short of 4 days just isnt' worth it??  You still have to pack everything, it's not like you go for shorter and take less stuff, you still need it all no matter how long you go. And the thought of getting there at 9 on Friday night and setting up a tent is less than thrilling. That said, it means the world to the kids, they love our camping trips, no matter how short or long.  Brian will not be able to take any vacation time until the middle of August (first 3 months of employment), so we have to take what we can get this summer, and be happy with our 3 days!
In workout news, I bumped up to the next level of Jillian's Body Revolution, phase 2, workouts 7 and 8. What have I learned? Super sets are killing my upper body. I was super sore the next day...combined that with the allergies and it felt a bit like having the flu.  I do like it and would most likely be annoyed if I were not sore, so I'm not complaining.  The goal of course is that next week when doing these workouts I will not be sore.
In other news, the girls have Talent Show try outs today after school.  They are signing and dancing to the smash hit, "Summer" by Phineas and Ferb. haven't heard of it?? If you know anyone under 10 they could sing it for you. : )


  1. Too bad about the groomers - my parents had a similar bad experience once and they were lost as customers. Groomers can't just "go for it".

    I have lots of mixed feelings about camping - in the end it's a LOT of work, especially the meals. Pizza delivery and heading to restaurants are great ways to take some of the work out, but then that's not really camping.

    Where are you going?

  2. Hey NTL,
    we always to here
    Its the Antlers campground, not Antlers resort...where we go is just pit toilets and water...not the Antlers w/a store and wifi and pool. There is a Camp Host who always keeps a cooler full of icecream next to his trailer that we somehow often find ourselves at....that's way better than wifi!