Saturday, October 12, 2013


We just got home from a run and I took a look at my Garmin stats for the week. I'm still getting used to the site and exploring all the info there is, both on the Garmin site and Strava.
4,999 is my total elevation gain for runs this week.
Which means.....I need to put my Garmin back on and go outside and step up on my front porch so I can tip it over to 5000 even.
: )

All joking aside, after years of running w/o one of these, I'm sure enjoying having it!!
It's been a great week of getting back in a groove of sorts. I've had 5 great runs, and 5 great workouts.  Feels good to get back at it! I'll recap the week in a later post.
I've got a front porch to go climb.

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