Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Old Town Sacramento - Picture Post

 There are a ton of pictures here, the photo site has been down for a week or so w/promises of recovering lost while I will try to post all the pictures on the photo site, I have my doubts that they will I wanted to post a few of everything from the weekend here on the blog.  I'm keeping most of them small, but you can double click to see them bigger.
 This is inside the hotel, it had a glass roof.

 It's never too late to swim, so that was the first thing the kids did after we checked in. PS, I'm living in these boots!
 Looking from outside our room, that's the breakfast/restaurant area in the back.
 Breakfast time!  We had the FREE, amazing breakfast both days and didn't eat lunch either day, we were so stuffed from this breakfast still.

 Having an omlet made just the way I want it!

 Walking across the street to Old Town, that is the capitol building.
 We were swept up in a Diabetes walk, so we just went with it and talked with a few folks.

 Hitting the candy store, Brian ate some chocolate covered crickets and we left with a bag of candy that would keep us stocked all weekend.  NTL, we got some ginger candy for you cuz we remembered you like the ginger stuff for your dainty tummy sometimes, just have to save it (hide it from the kids) till we see you guys again.
 The kids wanted to go to this school.

 more shopping

 At first only Brian did this, the kids wanted no part of "shooting" anything, but the second time we passed it they all wanted to try, and had a blast!

 Riding the train.

 We rode past our hotel.

 The first half we rode outside, then when we turned around we switched to an inside car.  They moved the engine from the front of the train, to the back of the train, and then we headed back to town.

 Post card pretty.

 Do you see the sign for Mini Donuts?  That's where we were headed.

 More fun.

 Walking down by the boats.
 Joe's Crab Shack was having a fundraiser and had a dunk tank out, Sophie dunked this guy.
 While we waited for a table, we had 1:20 to kill, so we found a carriage and took a ride! The kids were so excited! Papa only paid for the short ride at first, but momma upped it to the scenic route.

 Then we found a balloon guy back near the restaurant.
 At first, we were going to eat on the fancy river boat.....but we aren't really that fancy, and I'd rather be loud and have fun than spend the evening worrying about the kids and being proper.  So, we ate at Joe's Crab Shack.....and had a total blast!
 His and hers.  If you have never had apple pie moonshine, I highly recommend you find some! I don't know why all these country drinking songs are about beer, moonshine's where its at!
 Gotta look close, but that's Sophie dancing w/the crew during one of the random dance times. Every 30 minutes or so everyone is supposed to get up and dance.  So fun!
 I may be a cheep date, but my girls are not!  That's real, and she did eat it!
 Blurry, but you can sorta see Myles hat going by, this was the conga line around the restaurant dancing.
 They have a gator problem.  One more moonshine and I would have wrestled it.
 We explored the Delta King river boat a bit.

 And spent a few hours at the train museum.

 Then headed to Sutter's Fort.

 And then we headed on home, after a perfect weekend of hanging out in Old Town!  It could not have been more perfect, we really enjoyed every second!

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