Sunday, October 6, 2013

Perfect Ending

Ending to a week of being sick, that is. 

Despite desperately wanting to head off into the woods with my husband for a run to the summit, I restrained myself.  Brian had Thursday and Friday off. Friday was free and clear for him.  I so badly wanted to do this run he had planned. He was going out of Mitchell Canyon, up to the summit the usual way which is climbing up to Deer Flat, then Juniper, then the summit.  Then he was heading down via Summit/North Peak/Bald Ridge/Eagle Peak/Mitchell Rock and out.  Such a fun route down. 13.6 miles round trip, and around 5100 ft of climbing. I had done all of this loop except a tiny piece of Bald Ridge, and the first half of Eagle Peak...which I have been itching to do. If you usually run back down the Juniper/Deer Flat way, below Deer Flat when you are facing that rocky ridge across the way as you come down the switch backs - that's Eagle Peak.

Reality was, I was just not up to it after a week in the dumps.  I figured I'd restrain myself till Monday and then get back in the game.  As it ended up, I could not have had a more relaxing morning. I did want to get out and get some fresh air, and it was the perfect temp, mid 60's and very sunny. I took a chair, blanket, book, and nail polish (I'm a girl : ) down to Mitchell Canyon with Brian and sent him off while I settled into a comfy spot and read.  And then read some more. Then I did my nails. Then....I read some more.  Then I just sat and looked at the mountain and listened.  I would get texts every now and then from Brian letting me know where he was and that he was ok.   After about 4 hours of the most relaxing morning I've had in a long time, Brian came running out of the woods!  I'll let him talk about his run on his blog, but he had a blast.  And, so did I.
A hard life, I know.

Then I painted my nails. As for the book, it's my 4th western in a row. I need the whole Louis L'amour boxed set. Or Lonesome Dove, I'd take either.

 After a while, some kids from a school came, so I changed spots to a quieter corner of the world.
 And then, in what seemed like no time at all, Brian came running back out of the woods he had wandered into 4 hours earlier.

And had the dilemma many a trail runner has had.....which device is more accurate, the watch or the phone??   No matter.  We both had a great morning!

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