Monday, October 14, 2013

The Faster You Get to the Burn....

....the sooner the real work starts.

Words to live by last week.

Man oh man, last week felt so good!  As always, I forget how much I love working out and running (I have been consistent w/running, but I mean the combination of running and working out together in the same day) and having a solid, balanced week of doing both of those things.  I honestly had not worked out in a long time.  As always, and this is the same mentality that led to years of yo-yo'ing, when I'm not doing it, I don't miss it.  Once I fall out of the routine, I lose that desire to do it, and quickly forget all the reasons I love doing it. But, once I pick it back up, I can not miss a workout!! I forget how good I feel, how much more energy I have, how much happier I am, how much better my runs feel.....I could keep going but I'll stop.  But, after the first day, actually the first workout, i was hooked again. In fact, it felt so good to workout in the morning that I did a second workout in the afternoon.  Again, that's probably my ocd, all or nothing, 100% mentality kicking in, and was not really wise to go from 0 to 2 a days.   It was followed by 3 days of painful running and working out, but by the end of the week the soreness was gone. I was also reminded that the best way to get over being sore from a workout is to stick to your plan and push through your scheduled runs/workouts. If I'm going into  a workout sore, I always feel better afterwards (until the soreness from that workout kicks in : ).

A lot of bloggers out there do a weekly recap of their activities, but I'm not going to do that. I will take a picture of my white board at the end of the week and post it the following Monday. Not because I think anyone cares, but because it's a good way to help keep me accountable.
With that, here's a few pictures from last week-
 I got the Beast out on one of my new, favorite loops on the Mt.  It has lots of runnable single track through the woods, I love it. In fact, I did it 4 times last week : )
 The kids had their Lap-o-Thon fundraiser last Friday. While I could not volunteer (need a new TB shot) I could come, cheer, and run w/them.  I did 28 laps with Sophie, and another 23 laps with Myles.

 See Myles in red waving at me?
 Believe it or not, my picture taking while running has slowed down a bit last week. That tree is one of the few I took.  I really tried to push a bit harder and focus on not being comfortable during the runs. Which I did, but it'd be nice if my paces reflected that : ) I try not to focus on pace too much because like I've said before, the terrain I cover isn't conducive for fast paces.  So, I'm more looking for consistent paces, and eventually improvement. I ended the week with doing my favorite loop with the fastest pace of the week - the one w/the green star.  Winner winner chicken dinner!
 Also noteworthy is the 6.2 run on Tuesday. The following week I did that run in 1:13 and was stoked to have a new 10k pr. This week, 1:20.  Shows you how sore I was Tuesday morning!! Everything hurt!
 This is from a 5 miler this morning w/the fastest pace of the past 2 weeks, even while taking pictures, and no make up. : ) Which is why I'm not making it bigger.
Lots of mama cows with babies this morning, made me nervous....maybe that's what helped me run faster!


  1. I think you now know mentally where I have been for the past 45 years with my working out. How you feel about working out and the benefits have always been my motivation. I consider myself somewhat of a freak because there has never been an on and off period for me. As a matter of fact after I turned 60 I actually skipped a couple of workouts and that bothered me so much that since the third month of being 60 for the first time in 30 years I went back to two a day workout. I get up at 3:30 am and go to the health club. Work twelve hours dealing with some of the most dangerous people in the country. Get off work and back to the health club after work. Four hours of sleep and do it again pretty much each day. Yea-I am a freak. But I do it for the same reasons you just mentioned. I am proud of you and your family.

    1. Thanks, and you are busted. My stat counter says you made the "no make-up" picture bigger?? Nobody's supposed to make the ugly ones bigger!