Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Monday's Stellar Run

I'm running out of adjectives to describe how great runs have felt lately, but stellar works, so that's what you got today!

So Sunday evening was my summit run w/Emma. Monday morning was a workout, then out the door for a run. I was a little worried my legs were going to feel tired, but they just felt solid.  Climbing especially felt really good, which I would normally never say. I'm no NTL on the climbs, but for sure I'm getting faster.  Also noteworthy during this run is how solid I felt after climbing, making the transition back to wasn't the normal "I just climbed 1000 ft and my legs are tired, ugh, gotta make them run now" was more like "heck, I just powered up that hill, woo hoo, lets run!"...and even some "well I'd normally hike up this hill but lets see if I can run it today" thrown in just for fun : ) Here's what it looked like in map/elevation/pictures-

It took me 1:26 overall, with the first 1.5 miles taking me 17 minutes, and averaging 13 minute miles overall, which tells you I was moving at a good clip after that first 1.5 miles in order to get that average back down. 13's with this terrain is good for me right now...but there were miles in the 9's and 10's, too. That's progress for sure!
 "Woo Hoo, I'm climbing a hill and I'm happy!"
" Woo Hoo, this nail polish makes me so happy, it looks so pretty out here in the that horse poop smells so good!"
 "I'm gonna crush this hill, power, power, get it, get it" -(what I say in my head when I'm working hard)
 I see a coyote. Do you see it in the top picture?  It's there.
 Looks almost like a pig, but its' a coyote.
 Yay!  I love reaching this fence, it means it's about a mile of rolling downhill.
 I haven't taken a picture of China Wall in a while, so thought I'd get one.
 Woo Hoo!  That felt pretty great! I love running. I love horse poop. I love sun!!

Sometimes you just have one of those runs!

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  1. Yay, runs like those are the best! :)