Thursday, October 24, 2013


This morning I was looking at some stats on my Strava site, a site I keep track of runs on in addition to the Garmin site.  I noticed that since I started using Strava after Garmin, it had my fastest 10k at 1:26...which is not my fastest at all, but was the fastest one I had uploaded to Strava.
Once I saw that, I knew the goal for today's run - Nail a fast 10k time, upload it, and have a more accurate "fastest" time, and possible with that would come a fastest 5k time, too.

So I did. I've talked about pace here on the blog a bit recently, so you all know that 13's are the norm for what/where I run.  It's coming down, but 13's.

Today's run was intentionally flatter because I really wanted to see if I pushed, what I could do.  Well, I averaged 10:39's!!  That is huge for me. Huge.  Granted, I had to push really hard, harder than I should have to to get into 10's....but I did it.  Total time was 1:05, and included my fastest 5k - 31 minutes, and fastest 10k.  When I say fastest, I mean fastest since recording everything on the Garmin, not pr's.....just pr's since getting the garmin and having an online record of it all.

Needless to say I was pretty stoked!  I could not wait to get home and upload and blow that 1:26 10k out of the water with a new 1:05.  That's when the "Arg" happened.  While I know it saved it all because it showed me the summary after it saved it, and it still has the records for 5k and 10k in the "records" part of the watch.....the run itself was gone.  I went to upload and it said I had no new activities.....nothing was there to upload  : (   : (   : (

After throwing a fit and then calming down and reminding myself I ran for years w/o the validation of posting my runs on a site to analyze and that I know I had a fast run and worked hard for it, I went to work online to figure it out.   It seems to be a common glitch of the Garmin 10 to erase/delete/discard runs.  It will seem they are saved until you try to upload and then it says there's no new activities.  Doing a factory reset seems to be the way to go, but is not a guaranteed fix.
It's what I'm going to start off trying though...after I take another look at my new records from today and say goodbye to them!

On the bright side, even if it starts consistantly deleting runs, at least while I'm running I can see how far I've gone and what pace I'm at, and at the end of the run I can see what my average pace was and time/distance when the summary screen comes up.  That's more info than I had before I had a Garmin!


  1. I use the MapMyRun app on my phone and one time, I went a new route and forgot to turn the GPS on so it didn't tell me how far I went :( THAT was annoying, so I feel your pain. Especially when you try extra hard.

    1. yep, painful : )
      Brian suggested running an app on my phone as backup w/the Garmin running, too. But, I dont have coverage on most of the mt, so not sure how that will work out.

  2. Found your blog this evening as I was looking for something running related, delighted to discover that you are Jehovah's Witnesses! A fellow runner/ witness from Northern Canada!

    1. Hi! So glad you found the site! We are a witness family, both hubby and I were raised in the truth. We've been running for 6 years now and are super spoiled to live where we do, it's really a runners paradise! Tons or trail running and trail running companies, and the best part is that many of the local witnesses in the local congregations are runners, varying from newbie to utlra runners. It's really special to go to a race and have brothers and sisters there! In fact, the commenter above you, Micaela, is in our hall and a very speedy runner, she placed in the San Fransisco half marathon.
      Of course spiritual matters come first, but if we aren't in service, at meeting, or doing family study (or hubbies elder stuff), chances are we are out on a trail!
      We looked at your B & B site, it looks great and what an exciting job that must be! Bears in the driveway would be a kick! And being a runner in the winter in Northern Canada...that's pretty hard core!
      Thanks again for stopping by!