Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Old Town Sacramento

We had such a great weekend!

We rarely get away for a weekend, ever. Even more rare is it for us to get away with no real plans, just a destination and a hotel and a weekend to relax and go with the flow.

I was super excited just to be staying where we were- here.  It was a great spot to be, we didn't realize how great it was, actually, until we got there. We parked the car when we got there, and didn't need it the rest of the weekend. We were within walking distance to everything. Not to mention it was just a really nice hotel, with a really, really nice breakfast. Our room was really two rooms, made up of a living area w/a sofa bed and bathroom that closed off from the main bedroom. The hotel was right on the river, by the big golden bridge.  Old Town was right across the street.   We slept in, had an amazing breakfast, and then wandered around Old Town.

The weekend would end up including a variety of things -
wandering and exploring
getting swept up in a Diabetes Walk
Dunking someone in a dunk tank
Balloon hats
Dancing in a conga line through a restaurant
fun at a shooting gallery
a train ride
Singing "Red Solo Cup" in the middle of dinner, along w/the rest of the restaurant
eating chocolate covered crickets
puppets and stuffed animals
touring the Train Museum
Apple Pie Moonshine (soooo good!!!)
a horse drawn carriage ride (the last time Brian and I did this was the night we got engaged, so to do it 16 years later w/a carriage full of kids was special)
Sutters Fort
ice cream and mini donuts
lobster, shrimp, and crab

.....and many more fun things that made it such a special weekend away with Brian and the kids celebrating our anniversary.  I can not tell you how nice it was to just go away and relax, sleep in, get up and roam and let the day unfold as it would.  We really have such a blast together as a family, I have such a fun husband, and such amazing kids who are up for anything and are not embarrassed by their crazy parents.

There are many pictures to come from this weekend. Unfortunately, I came home sicker than I have been in years, and am having to pace myself, so maybe later today??

I couldn't talk about this weekend w/o thanking Dad and Val for giving us this weekend away w/the kids and the means to be able to relax and enjoy it!  Thank you both very much!!


  1. I love Old Town Sacramento! We went there for part of the convention and it's so quaint we loved it (we're actually contemplating doing the whole 3 days of the convention there next year and making a little long weekend trip out of it). Glad to hear you had fun, although I hope you do get better!

  2. Val and I have to agree--and this is totally unbiased--you have amazing kids and a great husband. We both love you