Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ultra Gam Gaiters Shout Out

Anybody need some new gaiters? Or maybe your first pair of gaiters??  Or maybe just your most stylish pair of gaiters??  Go with Ultra Gam Gaiters!!

(If you are not a runner, or maybe a runner but not a trail runner - gaiters keep the rocks and trail debris out of your shoes so you aren't having to stop and empty your shoes during a run. In addition to being functional, you can also make quite a fashion statement because they come in a wide array of fabrics and styles)

I ordered my first pair of gaiters from a different company.  While I love the gaiters, it took over 3 weeks to get them, and the site had said they were in stock.  When I emailed and asked what was taking so long, I was informed that they had to be made, and that they are made/shipped according to who lets her know that they need them quickly for a race.  Well, shoot. I thought if it said in stock, you just had to put them in the mail, lord knows I paid 7 bucks for 7-10 day shipping!  I was told in stock means the material is in stock, not the item.  Ahem.

So last month when I ordered my girls their first pairs of gaiters, I ordered one pair from each company.  One from "the other company" and one from Ultra Gam Gaiters.  I thought maybe my bad experience with the first company was a fluke and that I would give them another shot.

Lets just say it was not a fluke. The other company again took over 3 weeks.  When I emailed and asked what the status was, I was sent a one sentence email that "I'm on vacation and will check when I get back."  What about the gaiters from Ultra Gam Gaiters??  Not only are they super cute, they came in under a week (I believe it was 4 days?). Plus, since it's an Etsy shop, there is no shipping or fees of any kind, just the price of the gaiters, which are below other makers prices. Winner winner.

So yesterday I ordered Myles his first pair of gaiters from Ultra Gam Gaiters so he'd have them for Rocky Ridge on the 26th.  Super reasonably priced at around $14!! He's getting the flames ones which are on sale right now, if you happen to need a fresh flame pair go snag some! Again, no shipping.  Today I got an email from Teresa, the owner/maker, thanking us for the order and saying she'd get them in the mail tomorrow.  I emailed back thanking her and mentioned they were for my 7 yr old son.  I then got a follow up email thanking me for mentioning they are for my 7yr old son and that she'd make the ankles a bit smaller to fit him, and would send them out tomorrow.

That's great customer service, people!  I will not be ordering from that other company again, but will for sure be giving more business to Ultra Gam Gaiters! If you haven't tried them out and need a new pair, give them a shot!  The gaiters are great, but even more notable is the personable and friendly customer service!!

Or, if you're going to be at Brazen's Rocky Ridge, swing by the booth and say hi to Teresa's daughter!

I was not asked to post about this company or compensated in any way....I was just so totally impressed that I felt they deserved a post!

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